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Year 2 Trip to Mother Shipton's Cave

This week, Year 2 had a fantastic time on our trip to Mother Shipton's Cave. We found out all about the history of Mother Shipton from John, who gave us a super tour of the cave. Then, we saw the Petrifying Well, where the water turns objects into 'stone!' We made wishes in the Wishing Well and did some observational drawings of the wooden rabbit sculptures at the park! We ended the day at the adventure playground too. All of the children had a brilliant time. What a super day!

Up, up and away with Year 2...

Wecome to Year 2! Our class promise is to always be kind to one another and to appreciate our own talents and gifts. You can find out all about what we have been learning in class here on our Year 2 page.

As part of our RE work all around Easter, we decided to learn a song all about Palm Sunday! Learning the song helped us to remember what happened that day. We then came together with Year One over Zoom to sing together.....

Good morning, here is some work for today!


Today, we’re thinking all about how we write facts and opinions in newspaper reports. Opinions are written in a special way, called quotes.

In today’s Zoom, we will be learning all about how to use inverted commas to show speech between people who are talking.

  • Can you put the inverted commas where they are supposed to go?
  • Now, can you correct the speech?
  • Imagine that you are Samuel Pepys talking to his friend about the fire. Write down their conversation using inverted commas.



Yesterday we looked at how we can share equally into groups of 5. Today we will be doing this with groups of 10.

  • Answer the problem-solving questions in your book. Use the power-point to help you.
  • Can you spot any patterns between dividing by 10 and dividing by 5?
  • Can you complete the maze division challenge?



Imagine that you live in London in 1666. You have seen the fire destroy the whole city. Now, the Lord Mayor has asked YOU to rebuild London.

  • Design a poster of how you would like London to look after the fire. How will it be safe? What will the buildings look like? What will the streets look like?
  • Make sure you use sentences to describe your design. Use the power-point to help you with ideas.


  • Read the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000.
  • When you have read the story, answer these questions.

1. How did Jesus feed all those people?

2. Why did all those people want to see Jesus?

3. How do you think the boy felt when he gave the food to Jesus?

4. Why do you think Jesus looked up to heaven, prayed and thanked God?

5. What does this story tell us about Jesus?


Good morning Year 2, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Here is some work for you today!

Newspaper reports tell us facts and some opinions too. We need to sort the facts from the opinions!
Write the date and learning challenge in your books.
Monday 1st February 2021
LC: I can identify and sort facts and opinions. 
  • Using the table on the sheet, write down which sentences are facts and which are opinions.
  • Create your own bank of facts about the Great Fire of London. This will be very important when we come to write our newspaper reports about the Great Fire!
  • Stick the table and facts into your workbook.

Now, using your log-ins, go on Spelling Shed and see if you can boost your score. Play the games and work through this week's spelling rule questions! Don't forget.. There's 25 EXTRA Monster Points to everyone who finishes the questions! Remember, don't use the @ at the start of your names when you log in or it won't work!

Practise doubling and halving (mutliplying and dividing by 2) here You can use the game on the website for free, or you can also get the app if you want to use it more.

Write the date and learning challenge in your books. 
LC: I can divide amounts by 5.
  • What does dividing mean?
  • Is the number getting bigger or smaller?
  • Answer the questions in your books. You can use the power-point as well.
  • Using your log-in from your reading journal, practise your 5 x table on TT Rockstars! 
This week, we're thinking all about how to stay safe when we use tablets and phones.
  • Read Buddy the Dog's story. Can you write your own song to teach somebody how to use their tablet or phone safely, just like Buddy the Dog?
  • You could use the music from a song you already know and change the words!
  • Sing it to a grown-up and see what they think. Can they remember it too?
  • Can you make a 3D sculpture of Samuel Pepys using objects from around your house?
  • You could use recycling (bottles, cardboard or string for his long hair!) Or perhaps you could make one out of lego? If you want to be fancy you could make one out of papier maché, using newspaper and glue. You could colour or paint him afterwards!
  • If you don't have anything to make him with, you could draw a portrait of him instead.

Good morning Year 2! Here is some work for you today.

We've been thinking all about what makes a good newspaper report. We always need to start with a good headline. Headlines should grab attention and be exciting, but also tell us what the report will be about too!

Write the date and learning challenge.
Friday 29th January 2021
LC: I can draft headlines for different newspaper reports.
  • Use the guide to help you, think about what you can include to make a good headline (alliteration, capitals, exclamation marks) and remember not to make them too long.
  • Read the newspaper reports in part one. Make sure you know what each one is about and write a brilliant headline for each one (or more than one if you can!) Write on the sheet and stick into your book.
  • Now try coming up with as many headlines as you can for the news reports in part 2. This time, think about as many different headlines for each one as you can. How can you make them exciting but different each time? Make sure they make sense to the report. 
  • Extra challenge! Have a look at some newspaper reports at home or online. Can you change any of the headlines to make them even better?

Write the date and learning challenge:
LC: I can find patterns when dividing using odd and even numbers.

How can we tell the difference between odd and even numbers? We have been dividing numbers by 2. What patterns do you spot when dividing by 2? 
  • Answer the questions in your books
  • Can you make odd and even groups of some of your favourite things? (Sweets, teddies, toys, lego etc)
Imagine you are living in London in 1666, after the fire has destroyed London. 
You need to design a new house for Pudding Lane, one that won't burn again. You can use any material that you like, what are you going to make it out of? How will it looK? Will it be far away from other houses? Write down sentences to explain your house design.

Did you know that there is a Minecraft version of the Great Fire of London? It explains how it happened through the Minecraft game. Watch the video here 

Good morning Year 2, here is some work for you today.


Thursday 28th January 2021

LC: I can write captions for pictures to report news.

  • What is a caption? Remember that in newspaper reports, captions tell us what is happening in the picture.
  • Can you write captions for each of the photographs? Imagine that they are part of the news report from the snowy day in Leeds.
  • Now, look at the news here Draw some pictures of your own to show different news stories and describe what is happening in each one with brilliant captions!
  • Trim and stick the sheets into your books.




LC: I can divide numbers by 2.

  • Can you solve the division problems using what you know about making equal groups and the ÷ sign to divide by 2? Answer the questions in your books.
  • If we double when we times by 2, what are we doing when divide by 2?
  • Make a poster, a video or a power-point to show what you know about division. Here are some ideas you could use: division is the opposite of multiplication, division starts with the biggest number first, division means splitting up amounts.



What terrific tunes can you sing this week? Do you know what a song with five notes is called?


Can you try the Great Fire of London P.E. exercises? (There are different parts to complete on separate videos)  Can you match the actions to show how you escaped the fire? Try part 1 first

Why is it important to warm-up and cool-down when we exercise?

Good morning! Here is some work for you to try today.


Wednesday 27th January 2021
LC: I can use understand how to use features in a newspaper report.

Today, we're thinking about how we can use facts we know about to complete a newspaper report. Have a look at the report, what can you see that's missing, how can you add facts and information in to make it even better? 
  • Can you think of a good headline for the report (read the rest of the report first!)
  • Can you complete the paragraphs by finishing off the sentences and adding some facts of your own?
  • Can you draw a picture or stick your own photograph on the report?
  • Can you write a caption?

LC: I can divide by grouping amounts equally. 

We'll be using our knowledge of sharing into equal groups to group objects equally and solve problems through dividing amounts into equal groups. 

We're thinking all about how we stay healthy through being active and exercising.

  • Can you find some facts about exercise and why this is important? Use the power-point to help you.
  • Can you design a poster for our school showing different exercises and explain why this is important?

Think of your favourite piece of technology that you or your family use every day.  Is it your laptop? Your TV? Your washing machine?
  • Imagine you are making an advert to sell that tecnology to somebody else. What is good about it? Why is it the best technology? 
  • You could draw a picture, make a video, design a poster or create a power-point! 

Good Morning Year 2! I hope you are all safe and happy. Here is some work for you to enjoy at home today.


Write the date and learning challenge on the next clean page of your book.

Tuesday 26th January 2021
LC: I can identify the important features of a newspaper report.

Today, we'll be learning all about the important parts which are in a newspaper report.
  • Look at the power-point and read the newspaper report.
  • Colour in the boxes in your key with different colours, and then find each part and underline them using the same colour as you used in that box of your key.
There are some good videos to help you here
  • If you would like to read more news, there are some super children's newspapers and news websites which you can subscribe to or read online here:

Spelling challenge!
Now, can you complete this week's spelling work on Ed-Shed? Log-in and see how many points you can score!


Write the date and learning challenge to start with.

LC: I can solve problems using division. 

We're carrying on our work on sharing between equal groups today. Have a go at the questions and try the challenge!
Use the power-point to help you if you get stuck.

Today we're thinking about sying thank you to others. Watch the video about Jesus and the Ten Lepers.
Why is saying thank you important? Can you think of a time this week when you have said thank you? Have you done something nice to someone and they didn’t say thank you? How did that make you feel? Is it a nice feeling when someone says thank you? 
  • Design and make a thank-you card for someone in your family who has done something kind for you this week. What special words will you use to show them that you are thankful? What pictures will you draw.

  • Read the power-point about how we know about the Great Fire of London.
  • Look at the painting of the Great Fire of London. Imagine this is what you can see when you look out of the window. How do you feel? What will you do?
  • Read about how Samuel Pepys was an eyewitness. What is an eyewitness?
  • We are going to be history detectives. An object which helps us to find out about the past is called a source. (A bit like evidence!) 
  • Look at the sources here or on the power-point, and write down which ones you think help you to understand the most about what happened during the Great Fire of London and how it started. Explain your answers and draw a picture of the source you think is most important.



Good Morning Year 2! I hope you had a super-duper weekend!

Here is some work for you today.


Today, we’re going to start our learning about newspapers. Write the date and learning challenge in your book:

Monday 25th January 2021

LC: I can understand what the purpose of a newspaper is.

We’ll look at the power-point together first to find out what a newspaper is!

Look at the different examples of newspaper front covers and the examples of newspaper reports. There is a document with some attached. You might have some of your own in real newspapers at home, or you can find some here too

Write the answers to these questions in your books under the date and learning challenge.

  • What can you see on the newspaper? Are there any pictures? Is it long, is it short?
  • What do you think a newspaper report is for?
  • Why are newspapers important?
  • How are they different to diaries?
  • How are old newspapers different to new newspapers?
  • Do all newspapers look the same?  (You can cut out some pictures and stick them in your book).

Tomorrow, we will be talking about each of the parts in a newspaper report, so it’s important you have had a look at some newspapers today and know what they’re used for!

Keep reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or listen at home because we will be talking about the story again soon!



LC: I can share objects equally into groups using the ÷  symbol.

We’ll be thinking all about sharing and equal groups today. Before the Zoom, try and have these things ready.

  • Three bowls, cups or boxes
  • Thirty or more counters, buttons, pasta shapes, sequins…(whichever you can find)

We’ll have a go at the sharing challenge together.

  • After that, try to answer the questions by yourself.


We’ll be thinking about how to stay safe when we go outside. Are there different types of strangers?

  • Look at the power-point. Draw an example of a safer stranger. How many safer strangers can you think of?
  • With a grown-up, plan what you would do if you ever got lost outside. 


Have a go at making the pop-up Pudding Lane house. What do you notice about the shape? We’ll share these on our next Zoom!


Good morning Year 2! Here is some work for you to do today...


Friday 22nd January 2021
LC: I can publish my diary entry.
  • Look at the diary entry you wrote yesterday as Vlad the flea, today you are going to write it up on some plain paper and write it up beautifully!
  • Use a teabag to stain the paper brown and make it look old, as if it has really been written in 1666! 
Remember, when you're publishing your diary entry, you need to use your neatest handwriting, joining up your letters carefully.


Write the date and learning challenge:

LC: I can answer reasoning questions and explain my answers.

We will be practising how to answer reasoning questions around the 10 x table and focusing on explaining our answers, which a lot of us have been struggling with!
Remember, when we explain our answers we use the word because to show how we know. We don't just write yes and no, we explain how we know the answer!

Art Challenge!
Use lego to make a house on Pudding Lane in 1666. What colours were the houses? Were they tall like buildings today? Or very small and narrow? Look at some pictures of houses in 1666 like the one below to help you. 



Good morning Year 2! Here's some work for you to have a go at at home.
We are all missing you in class today!