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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Wonderful Ones!
We are full of fun, laughter, enthusiam and love.
There are 33 of us including Mrs Morland, Miss Corrigan, Mrs Harrison and Miss Austin. 

Are you a Covid Superhero?

We all need to follow the rules to keep ourselves safe and those around us. But what are the rules? Read these posters carefully and be a Covid Superhero! Don't forget to remind other people in your family about what they should and should not be doing....

Earth Day 22.04.21

We know how important it is to look after our world, it is everyone's responsibility! Today we went litter picking in Middleton Park. "If we leave lots of rubbish, it will be smelly and no one will want to go there", Amelia explained. "Animals like squirrels and birds might eat some bits of rubbish and get poorly", Maya told us. "Their claws might get stuck in plastic bottles and they can't get out", Noah thought. We can't be having that! We found some rubbish but not lots and lots so we decided that some people are putting their rubbish in the bin or taking it home with them. Read some of our recounts below to find out more about what we found.

What is a tomb? 01.04.21

This week we have learning more about the Easter story, especially Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Lots of us knew that Jesus died on the cross but now we know more about why. We discovered that Jesus was buried in a tomb and we decided that this shows just how much Jesus's friends loved Him because they wanted to keep Him safe. After some research, we decided to create our own using what we had learnt. Can you say why we might have added crosses? Do you know why Benas has rolled a tyre across the front of one of them?


As part of our RE work all around Easter, we decided to learn a song all about Palm Sunday! Learning the song helped us to remember what happened that day. We then came together with Year Two over Zoom to sing together.....

Come and meet the roarsome dinosaurs!

We are really enjoying learning about dinosaurs and we found out lots more facts when we read some dinosaur poems. Mrs Morland set us a challenge to learn some of these off by heart! We added actions to help us to remember the new tricky words and we even added to try and add expression and use dinosaur voices too!

This is our timetable of when we are online doing live Zoom lessons and the log in details are the same for every session. Reading times and days with Miss Corrigan will be sent out on an individual basis. The Talk Boost Group is only for certain children and they know who they are. The log in details for Mr Longfellow's Collective Worship and Mr Strong's Assembly will be given out  weekly. 
World Book Day 2021

After sharing 'If I Had a Dinosaur' together, we decided that we would like our own dinosaur pet. Here are some of our creations....

Learning at Home Week 8 01.03.21
This is our last week of online learning before we are all back together and we cannot wait!


At 2.45pm Mr Longfellow will be leading our school collective worship. The Zoom details are: 931 178 8045 and the password is School. See you there!
  • We read the next little part of Tyrannosaurus Drip  this morning, can you predict what the baby dinosaurs will look like when they hatch?
  • Draw them in as much detail as you can in your English and then write some sentences to describe what they look like. Remember to use adjectives in your sentences.
  • For a bonus monster point, can you include a verb as well? For example: The baby dinosaurs have sharp claws for scratching. 
  • We starting our new unit of maths work all about measuring today and we used these words to compare the length of objects: long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest.
  • Choose three objects and compare their length. Don't forget to put them side by side so that you can measure them accurately.
  • Green and Yellow Groups tell me about your objects using these sentences: longer than....., shorter than.......
  • Orange group tell me about your objects using this sentence: longer than.....but shorter than.......
PE Tuesday
High school youth present 'Shadow Stations' | The RecordAs part of our work to prepare during Lent, Mr Strong will be leading a special liturgy all about the Stages of the Cross at 2.30pm. Come and join us on Zoom to find out more. The details are: Meeting ID: 914 0919 1388, Passcode: Cross. 
  • Today we continued learning about the split diagraph a-e, it is really tricky! Play the roll and read game in the documents section to practice sounding out these trickier words.
  • How quickly can you cover the board?
  • This morning we read the next part of the book and we  met Tyrannosaurus Drip! But we found that he didn't really like living with the Tyrannosauruses so he ran away!
  • Think about this statement: Tyrannosaurs Drip was happy he had run away, is it true or false? There is no right or wrong answer, you just need to use what we have heard in the story to tell me what you think.
  • In your sentences, try to use and and because. 
  • We continued our work on measurement today by learning how to compare height. Remember height means how tall or short something is.
  • Choose three objects and compare their height. Don't forget to put them side by side so that you can measure them accurately.
  • Green and Yellow Groups tell me about your objects using these sentences: taller than....., shorter than.......
  • Orange group tell me about your objects using this sentence: taller than.....but shorter than.......
  • One of the questions that we wanted to find the answer to about dinosaurs was when did they live. 
  • Read the PowerPoint in the documents section to find out more about when  exactly the dinosaurs lived and talk about what you have found out with your adult.
  • Can you create your own timeline?
  • Fold a piece of plain paper into three landscape way and label one part the Triassic Period, the middle part the Jurassic Period and the last part the Cretaceous Period. Draw a straight line through the piece of paper
  • Then cut and stick the dinosaurs in the right place along your timeline. Use the grid to help you.
  • If you have any dinosaurs of your own at home, you could use these to make your own big timeline!
  • Can you sort the a-e words? Follow this link to play our trash and treasure game and make sure you read each word carefully: Dragons Den (
  • We have learnt so far that we can measure and compare the length and height of objects by putting them next to each other. Today we found another way to measure by using amounts of objects.
  • Choose a dinosaur footprint from the documents section and use an amount of objects to measure how long it is. You could use pegs, sweets, counters anything but remember to put them next to each other along the footprint without any gaps. 
  • Instead of the footprints, you could measure any objects you have at home.
  • Remember to write down in your maths book what it is and how long it is so you don't forget.
  • So far we know lots about Tyrannosaurus Drip; we know what he looks like, what he likes to do and eat and how he feels.
  • But what do we know about Mother and Father T? Listen to the story again all the way to the end by following this link: Tyrannosaurus Drip | Bedtime Stories for kids - YouTube, pause it at different times and tell your grown up what you know about them. Think about what they look like, what they do, how they feel and why.
  • Now write some sentences to tell me what you know. You could write inside the Tyrannosaurus in the documents section in handwriting pen and then colour it so it looks like them. Or you could write the sentences in your English book and draw a picture of them in the space.
  • Last week we described the different parts of dinosaurs and now we are going to look more closely by sorting them.
  • Draw two large circles in your whiteboard book to create two groups. Then look at the dinosaurs in the documents section and try to sort them. You could have one group that has two legs and the other group that has four legs; or dinosaurs with tails and dinosaurs without tails.
  • Don't forget to label your groups so I can see how you have sorted the dinosaurs. 
Remember our Zoom sessions today are at 9.30am and 2pm, we can't wait to start our exciting day together!
Our class theme for this World Book Day is the unusual and that means something odd or not expected. Here are some challenges for you to try all about the unusual....
  • Listen to one of Mrs Morland's favourite stories called 'If I Had a Dinosaur' by Gabby Dawnay by following this link:If I Had a Dinosaur, Read By Eddie Redmayne - YouTube.
  • Now design your own pet dinosaur! You can use whatever you have at home: playdough, paint, chalk on the ground outside, craft materials.
  • What would you do with your pet dinosaur? Make a video to describe all the things you would do together and use your imagination! Ask your grown up to help you upload your video to Google Classroom so we can share our ideas.
  • Where do you like to share stories? Where would be an unusual place to read a book? You could read under your bed, up a tree, on your trampoline, under the table even! Find an unusual place to read one of your favourite books that you have at home and ask your grown up to take a photo of you there for 5 extra monster points!
  • Follow this link to a free digital library: FREE RESOURCE: Digital library! – alittlebutalot. The picture book library has some great books that I think you will enjoy and they are read by the author too!
DON'T FORGET.....the potato competition where you need to make a potato look like a book character!
If you would like to enter this competition, send a photo of your creation to me before 3.15pm. Only two winners from our class will be chosen by another teacher in school so good luck!

DON'T FORGET ASSEMBLY with Mr Strong at 1pm. Your grown up will have the Zoom details. Who will get a shout out this week?
  • Log onto the a_e assignment on Spelling Shed, what will your top score be today? Help us to be in the top 3 on the leader board again
  • So far we have measured objects by putting them side by side and by using objects but you can also measure how long something is using a ruler.  A ruler measures in centimetres or cm for short and you all have one in your pencil case.
  • Use your ruler to measure how long different objects are in your house but remember to start measuring from 0cm every time. 
  • Write down the name of the object and how long it is in cm in your maths book so you don't forget. What is the longest and shortest object in your house and how do you know?
  • This Monday will be a very exciting day because everyone will be back at school and we cannot wait! We have missed you all so much.
  • Think about what you are looking forward to  and what you can't wait to do back at school. Also think about anything you might be worried about and then we can help you.
  • You could make these ideas into a poster or a little video, whatever you want
Dinosaur Salad 24.02.21

One of our favourite stories that we are reading at the moment is Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson. We discovered that there are duckbill dinosaurs who only eat vegetables. They looked hungry so we decided to make them a dinosaur salad, mmmm! The duckbill dinosaurs enjoyed eating them so much they wanted to make their own so we wrote them some instructions telling them exactly what to do.

Learning at Home Week 7 22.02.21

Welcome back Year 1,we hope you have had a lovely half term!
There will be no 9am Zoom session this morning because Mr Strong and Father Polland will be leading a special liturgy for Ash Wednesday at 9.30am. The Zoom details for this are:Meeting ID: 913 6403 6882  Passcode: ASHWED. We will see you all then and then again at 10.15am for Maths.  
  • We are learning a new sound this week, the sound is 'ue'. Have a go at the Phoneme Spotter, can you find all the 'ue' words. It will try and trick you by having words that make the same sound, but only circle the ones that have the letters 'ue'.
  • Then have a go at the 'ue' word search, can you find all of the words. 
  • Today there were some mysterious items in our classroom.
  • Have a look at the picture below: 
  • What can you see? Have a think about who you think they belong to? Who has hatched those eggs
  • Who might those bones belong to and why? What type of footprints are there? Are they the same?
  • Write down all your ideas on a piece of paper telling me all about what you think you can see and why.
  • Today we are learning how to count in 2's. 
  • Now. great way to count in twos is to make pairs of things. A pair is two pieces of items, like you have two shoes which make a pair, you have two gloves on your hands tat makes a pair, and lastly two pairs of socks on your feet. 
  • Have a go at counting in 2's using socks. 
  • Grab a handful of socks, place them into 2's. Then have a go at counting them in 2's to work out how many you have. Once you have done it a couple of times counting, can you write the 2's underneath on pieces of paper to make your own number line showing the 2x table. 
  • There is a matching 2's game underneath, if you would like to print it off and have a go at that after you have finished or you can log onto Numbots. 
Dinosaur Yoga
  • Have a go at both of the Dinosaur Yoga links above. 
  • Follow the steps, step by step, taking your time with each part. Think about how each part of your body moves.
  • Remember to breathe in and out.
  • Take your time with each part feeling the whole movement throughout your whole body.
  • Can you move your body like a Dinosaur?
  • Have a go at the roll and read worksheet below, how quickly can you read the words? Remember to sound them out and then blend them together. 
  • Yesterday we found lots of items in our classroom, some of you worked out that the items might belong to Dinosaurs. 
  • Today we looked at a story called Tyrannosaurus Drip, and we saw some of the items on the front cover which tells us we are learning all about Dinosaurs. 
  • We looked at the first two pages of the story, and we looked at how these two pages have very different sceneries.
  • One page has a swamp beside a river, it has green trees and plants. But the other side is filled with grey rocks, lots of dinosaur bones and volcanoes.
  • Your job today is to use the two pages and recreate both of the scernaries. You could recreate them by drawing them and colouring them in, you could paint your picture, you could draw it outside with chalk and use real life objects for things such as rocks. 
  • What you need to think really carefully about when you are drawing your 2 sceneries is what they exactly have in them. Read the sentences from the story that will help you draw all of the items in the correct place in your picture. 
  • The two pages are in a PowerPoint Slide below.
  • We have started to learn about how to count in 2's, we found that making pairs of items, makes counting in 2's a lot easier. 
  • Using what you have learnt have a go at your worksheet below (Green, Yellow, Orange)
  • Make sure when you are counting the objects or colouring in the grids that you count in 2's as you are doing it. 
  • Once you have finished your worksheet, see if you can count in 2's all the way to 20.
  • Ask your adult to test you to see if you can do it without looking at anything. 
  • Our new topic this Half Term in History is Dinosaurs. 
  • For our first lesson I would like to know what you already know about Dinosaurs, I know a lot of you know lots of information so tell me as much as you can about what you already know.
  • Then I would like you to think more carefully about what you don't know about Dinosaurs, because we all don't know everything, so what would you like to find out about Dinosaurs? Can you think of some questions that you would like to ask me, so I know what you would like to learn about.
  • Think about types of Dinosaurs, do you know what they all eat? Do you know how tall they are? Do you know what the biggest Dinosaur is? Have a think, what would you like to find out about Dinosaurs.
  • Have a go at the Nonsense Words worksheet below. You need to read the words and colour all the real words in one colour and all the nonsense words in a different colour. 
  • Today we learnt that the word 'veg' is a shortened word for vegetables. 
  • We named lots of different vegetables altogether on Zoom. There is a word mat below to help you with spellings. 
  • Some dinosaurs love eating vegetables, so we have decided that we should make a vegetable salad for our dinosaurs. 
  • Have a look in your kitchen cupboards and fridges to see what vegetables you have.
  • Write a list first of the vegetables that you are using, and draw a picture of what you would like your salad to look like. 
  • Then have a go at washing and cleaning the vegetables and then chopping them up and preparing them for your salad. Make sure that your adult is there to support you and show you how to cut the vegetables properly and safely. 
  • Make sure you take a picture of your salad and send it to Mrs Morland.
  • We have got so good at counting in 2's, that I want to show you how to count in 5's. 
  • Now the easiest way to count in 5's is to use our hands because on our hands we have 5 fingers. 
  • So what you are going to do today is you are going to draw round your whole hand and cut it out and then write the number 5 on. Then draw your hand again and write 10 and keep going all the way to the number 50. Use the 50 grid worksheet below to help you.
  • You could lay them on the floor and take a picture of them showing a number line of counting in 5's. 
  • You could even add objects underneath to show 5 socks, 10 shoes, 15 pencils.
  • Follow this link to explore dinosaur world: Dinosaurs | Natural History Museum (! Look carefully at the dinosaurs that you can see and tell your grown up what they are like.
  • Choose a dinosaur from the documents section and label the different parts of it, don't forget to use adjectives. 
  • For 3 bonus monster points, can you use and in your labels and say why that part of the dinosaur was important? For example: sharp and pointy teeth for eating other animals.
  • It is Thursday, that means it is Spelling Shed day!! Log on to Spelling Shed and see how many points you can get, lets see if we can make it up the leader board!!
  • Yesterday you made a delicious vegetable salad for the duckbill dinosaurs! They thought they were delicious and they would like to make their own but they don't know how.
  • Here are some pictures:   
  • Today I would like you to be bossy and write  some instructions telling them every step of what you did to make your vegetable salad. 
  • You need to use language like: First, Then, Next, Finally.
  • Start with what you did first so your sentence might be: First wash the vegetables to make sure they were clean. 
  • Can you use 'and' in your sentences? Can you use 'because' in your sentences? Can you put adjectives in to describe your vegetables?
  • We are going to continue learning how to count in 5's,so today we are going to see if you can carry on the sequence of numbers. 
  • First colour in your 5's on the 100 square as this will help you complete the sequence of missing numbers. 
  • Then there will be a "Can you spot the pattern" question, can you see what numbers they always end in when counting in 5's. 
  • Choose your worksheet below (Green, Yellow, Orange)
  • There is also a larger 100 square to help you if you need it. 
  • On Monday we thought about Ash Wednesday which is the start of Lent.
  • Lent is the time that we take to prepare for the Lord.  There are many different ways that people prepare for the Lord, some people give up things like chocolate, crisps and sweets.
  • Some people say that they are going to try and do more things like exercising, reading more, or eating healthier.
  • Some people say they are going to try and be more kind, in our classroom we could say we might try and share more, try not to argue with our friends, and say kind things more often. 
  • On the cross template below, write sentences to tell me, what are you going to try and do during Lent to prepare for the Lord. Use your handwriting pen to write your sentences and then colour the cross purple.
DON'T FORGET ASSEMBLY with Mr Strong at 1pm. Your grown up will have the Zoom details. Who will get a shout out this week?
  • Yesterday we worked all the way up to 4th on the leader board, lets see if we can keep going!! Log back onto Spelling Shed, how many points can you get today?
  • Yesterday we had a go at writing up our instructions for the Duckbill Dinosaurs, so they can have a go at making our delicious vegetable salads. 
  • Today have a look back through your instructions and check you have added everything that you did. Have you forgotten anything?
  • Check that you have sentences with adjectives in, and have you got sentences with verbs in, telling me what you did. 
  • Have you used and in your sentences, and have you used because in your sentence. 
  • We have done so well in counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 
  • Today I would like you to look at your worksheet below (Green, Yellow and Orange)
  • On the worksheet there are some number sentences for 10's, 2's and 5's. 
  • Look at the numbers and work out which one is the odd one out and correct it to what it should be. 
  • In some sentences there may be more than one number incorrect, can you spot which ones they are.
  • Here is an example for counting in 10's = 10, 20, 30, 35, 50 - 35 is the odd one out as it should be 40. 

Our congratulations this week, on Friday 12th February, go to....
  • Connor who has achieved Iron
  • Dahlia G and Blakely who have achieved Copper
  • Maya and Emma who have achieved Steel
Keep working hard everyone!

We came 3rd out of the whole school this week, our highest place, with a total score of 40,877,014!
Our Super Speller is........Dalia B with a score of 9,109,000!

It was fantastic to see some new names of our leader board as well. Keep spelling everyone!
Testing Umbrellas 10.02.21

Mrs Harrison had a problem that she wanted us to solve this week. When she was out for a walk, it started raining but her umbrella broke! She asked us to design her a new one using all that we had learnt about materials. We know that it has to be waterproof and also strong enough if it is windy as well. After we deigned our umbrella and made them, we had to test them to see if they worked. Can you see which ones worked and which ones didn't? Do you know why?

Learning at Home Week 6 08.02.21
At 2.45pm Mr Longfellow will be leading our school collective worship. The Zoom details are: 931 178 8045 and the password is School. See you there!

  • This week we are learning all about the 'ir' sound. 
  • Read the Phoneme Spotter below, how many 'ir' words can you spot, circle the words you find. 
  • Once you have done that there is a 'ir' word search for you to have a go at. 
  • We are learning all about a new story this week called Pinocchio. The story is all about a puppet that comes to life and has a dream of becoming a real boy. In the story Pinocchio is visited by a magical cricket, who tells him he is being a very naughty puppet. 
  • We can not see what the cricket looks like, but I would like you to use your imagination, What do you think he is wearing? What do you think he looks like? What colours would you see?
  • Use a page in your English book can you write sentences to describe the cricket using adjectives. Remember your sentences need capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 
  • Here are some sentence starters to help you:
  • I think the cricket has _____. The cricket is _______. The cricket has ____ and _____. I think the cricket has ____ because ______.
  • Once you have finished your sentences can you draw a picture of the cricket you have described.
  • Today we were looking at One More and One Less of a given number. 
  • Example: One More than 12 is 13. One Less than 12 is 11. 
  • Can you have a go at your coloured worksheet below (Green, Yellow, Orange)
  • Use the 100 square below to help you work out which number comes before or comes after the given number. 
  • There is also a One More, One Less mat below if you need something more concrete to help you. 
  • Once you have finished log onto Numbots, your details are in the front of your reading journal. Look out for tasks where it asks for 1 more and 1 less, see if you can get them all right.  
  • In the video there is a move called a “GRAPE VINE”.
  • This is a walk where they step, cross the leg behind, step back out and then clap.
  • So, let’s have a go at this movement but let’s start slowly. Start with the stepping. So you step your leg to walk either left or right, you then cross your other leg behind you and then you step the leg that isn’t crossed back out again so your legs should be apart again.
  • Now try going in the other direction. Keep practicing that getting faster every time. Now try and do it and when you step your legs apart again you need to clap your arms in the arm. See if you can do the move to the music.
  • Next move we are going to try is the “Slide and Pushes”.
  • Start by sliding side to side. Now a slide is different to stepping side to side because your feet need to stay on the floor, and you drag your foot to the side and then drag the other foot to join them back together again. Start by dragging your feet side to side.
  • When you bring your feet back together you do two little pushes with your hands. Now as you push your hands you need to do two little bends with your knees, see if you can now try that to the music.
  • How well can you do all the movements we have learnt over the past few weeks to the music. Have a go to the music again. Send a video to Mrs Morland of you practicing to the video. 
  • Have a go at the Roll and Read worksheet. Roll a dice or choose a number 1-6. Read a word from the chosen number. How many words can you read? Can you cover the whole sheet. How quick can you do it? 
  • We worked really hard today at spotting verbs within a sentence. Remember a verb is a doing word, it tells you what something or somebody is doing. 
  • We also learnt a new word today: DEFINITION, a definition tells you the meaning of a word.
  • On your coloured worksheet below (Green, Yellow, Orange) there are some verbs and some definitions. You need to read the words and try and match them to the correct definition. 
  • Once you have matched them to the correct definition that should help you understand what that verb means, can you use that to then place that verb into a sentence. 
  • We are looking into One More and One Less of a given number. 
  • On your coloured worksheet below (Green, Yellow, Orange) I have given you some numbers in a box and some statements. You need to read the statements carefully and place the correct number to make that statement correct.
  • With us coming towards Half Term, it is time to end our topic of Toys. To show how much we have learnt about toys over the past few weeks we are going to make our own Toy Timeline. 
  • There is a little PowerPoint for you to look through to help you. 
  • Have a go at the Toy Timeline Worksheet below. First cut out the pictures, then place them into New and Old piles, using information we already know about what old toys are made out of and what new toys are made out of. 
  • Then start with the old toys, which one do you think is the oldest that goes at the start of the timeline and you work all the way up to the newest. 
  • Then see if you can place the keywords onto the correct place in the Timeline.
  • EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you work out where the key word Victorian goes using your timeline to help you, ask your adult to describe what a Victorian toy would traditionally be made out of, this will help you figure out where it goes. 
  • There is a little video of Miss Austin explaining what a Timeline is and what it shows, have a watch this will help you.
  • Can you create your own timeline using toys in your house?
  • First have a go at the Real and Nonsense worksheet below, colour all the real 'ir' words in one colour and all the nonsense words in a different colour. 
  • You can even keep it on your tablets and place coloured pieces of paper for real and nonsense.
  • Then log onto Phonics Play and have a go at Buried Treasure for 'ir'. Can you get 10/10 right? 
  • Today we read up to the next part in the story, where Pinocchio was invited to go to a Puppet Show. The puppets all asked him to join them on stage and join in with the show.
  • Your job today is to have a go at creating your own puppet show, use the worksheet below, it has some puppets on, you can cut them out and stick them on lollipop sticks, pencils, Lego bricks, cardboard...
  • You can even use your hand puppet that you created for your puppet show. 
  • You need to think about how do the puppets move. Do they all move the same? What are the puppets going to say to one another? Are they going to say anything or just make noises? What is your story going to be about? What is going to happen at each part of your little puppet show. 
  • Watch some of the videos below of puppet shows, use these to help you create your own puppet show. 
  • Don't forget to send pictures and videos to Mrs Morland! We look forward to watching your puppet shows!
  • Today we looked at greater than and less than using the < > symbols.
  • Miss Austin calls them crocodiles, and the crocodile always likes to eat the biggest number, so his mouth will always face the largest number. 
  • Have a look at your worksheet below (Green, Yellow, Orange), you have two numbers either side and in the middle you need to put the crocodile the right way so that he eats the largest number. 
  • At the weekend, Mrs Harrison went for a walk. Follow this link to see where she went: Relaxing Walk in the Rain, Umbrella and Nature Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation | 4k ASMR - YouTube
  • Part way through the walk, her umbrella broke! It was still raining so she needs a new one. 
  • Can you make Mrs Harrison a new umbrella? Which materials would be waterproof and string enough to make the umbrella?
  • When you have made the umbrella, test it with a little bit of water. Does your umbrella work , why?
  • Ask a grown up to take a photo or a video of your umbrella test and then describe what happened. 
  • Log onto Spelling Shed and have a go at the 'ir' assignment. Start with easy and then work up the levels, how many points can you score?
  • Who is going to get the most points?
  • We have finished the story of Pinocchio today, we talked about Pinocchio's behaviour throughout the story, when he was a naughty puppet and why, and what he did that showed he was a good puppet and what happened when he showed that good behaviour. 
  • I would like you have a look at this statement below, do you think that it is ALWAYS TRUE, SOMETIMES TRUE, NEVER TRUE. You need to use evidence from the story to argue why you think it is Always, Sometimes or Never true. 
  • You choose which one you think it is, there is no wrong answer, but all that matters is that you can convince me your argument and why, which means you need to use 'because' in your sentences. 
  • The PowerPoint of the story is also below in the documents section for you to go back and read and have a look at for your evidence. 
  • Here is your statement: Pinocchio is a really naughty puppet.
  • We know now about Miss Austin' s crocodiles ( < > ) and how they always love to eat the biggest number.
  • Choose 2 random numbers, place one at one side and one at the other side of your piece of paper and then you draw the crocodile in the middle, remembering it always eats the largest number. 
  • Green Group - choose numbers between 1-30. Choose 2 numbers at a time, write them down, work out which one is the biggest and draw the crocodile eating it. There is also the numbers in words if you want to add them into your choices to challenge yourself.
  • Yellow Group - choose numbers 1-40. Choose 2 numbers at a time, write them down, work out which one is the biggest and draw the crocodile eating it. There is also the numbers in words if you want to add them into your choices to challenge yourself.
  • Orange Group - choose numbers 1-50. Choose 2 numbers at a time, write them down, work out which one is the biggest and draw the crocodile eating it. There is also the numbers in words if you want to add them into your choices to challenge yourself.
  • There are some number cards below if you would like to print them off. You could instead place them all on your tablet screen and close your eyes and randomly choose them, or your adult could choose the numbers for you, making them harder each time. 
  • Once you have finished that job, log onto Numbats and see if you can move up the levels on Numbots.
  • Look carefully at this picture: What can you see in the picture? What do you think is happening? Now think about what you would like to know about it and write those questions down for us to take about tomorrow.
  • We know that Jesus is the Light of the World, Simeon and Anna told us so when they met Jesus for the first time in the temple. We know that we all have Jesus's light shining inside us.
  • In the candle in the documents section, write down all the ways you are going to light your light shine. Now colour it in carefully so that we can still see the sentence. In the flame, write the sentence: Jesus is the Light of the World
  • BONUS MONSTER POINT CHALLENGE Listen to this song:This Little Light of Mine I'm Gonna Let it Shine with Lyrics | Gospel Song - YouTube Can you learn some of the words? Mrs Morland would love to see a video of you singing along!