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Searching for Owl Mother 14.10.21

This week we have been reading 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell but Owl Mother has disappeared! We decided to go to Middleton Woods to find her using the clues from the story on our search. We found some holes in tree trunks and Mr Crossland went to look to see if Owl Mother's nest was there as he is the tallest but there were no leaves, twigs or owl feathers so we kept on looking. We found lots of feathers on the ground which showed us which way to go. Finally we found her sitting on a tree branch! We were really quiet so we did not startle her and we wrapped her Miss Corrigan's scarf so that we did not get scratched by her sharp talons and pointy beak. When we got back to school we found the three owl babies there and Sianna thinks that is because 'Owl Mother has been calling for them and they have been calling for her'.

It is Autumn! 07.10.21

Today is National Poetry Day and we read a poem in class all about Autumn. Then we decided that we could change it using all that we have learnt about seasons in science. Jayden told us that, 'we are going to make the poem cooler and better!' We worked in small groups to write our new verses and then we put them all together to make our new poem. We thought of actions to help us to remember the words. Our poem was so good that we performed it in front of the whole school in our Poetry Slam!

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