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In reception we always try to make our learning fun. We don’t like work sheets or excercise books. We love to learn through play and be outdoors whenever possible.

These are our ideals for every child every day in reception.

  • Share at least 1 book together as a class. A wide variety of fiction and non fiction books are available for children to look at independently as well as audio books.
  • Have lots of conversations. How are you feeling today? What would you like to do? Focus on the child's interests open questions who, what, why, where, when, how? Whenever possible we are led by the children's interests. We love to listen to your children’s ideas like they are the most wonderful thing we have ever heard. Sometimes they are!
  • PLAY PLAY PLAY! You can be a princess, a flower, a spider, an astronaut or whatever your child wants you to be.
  • Practical hands on maths. This could be when tidying up eg; how many pencils go there? Playing a game, hopscotch, board games, noughts and crosses etc etc
  • Art! Paint, draw, make, dance, sing. It doesn’t have to be a ‘thing’ you can make just to enjoy making. Outdoors too! A birds nest of grass or a castle of sticks and stones. Collect some Autumn Treasures to make a picture or display. Make up a song or dance be SILLY!
  • Discover. What happens if you leave an ice cube outside? Look for signs of Autumn. Make toast, why has the bread changed colour/why does it feel different? Plant a bulb, what does it need to grow 
  • Stay active. Walk, run, climb. Ride a scooter or bike, dance, skip, throw & catch a ball. Roll a tyre or hoop.  
If you would like any support or ideas to support your child's learning at home please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Keep in touch.

Stay happy, healthy and having fun.

Miss Richardson, Mrs Pratt and Mrs Spence.


An amazing afternoon at the park with our Year 6 Buddies.
We're Going on a Baby Hunt!

Reception hope you enjoy looking for a very special baby as much as we did.


Jolly Phonics Songs

Here are all the Jolly Phonics songs we sing in school. 

The Tricky Word Song 

Sing along to practise your tricky words. Don't let them trick you!
Remember you can NOT sound out tricky words.

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