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Outdoor learning.

Discovering, exploring, mark making, building, counting and measuring.

In reception we always try to make our learning fun. We don’t like work sheets or endless pieces of boring white paper. We love to learn through play and be outdoors whenever possible.

Take this unexpected time with your child to play board games, read books together, have a picnic in your garden. Paint pictures, make junk models, bake a cake etc etc.

The most important thing is to not stress yourself or your children by trying to home school them.

If you want to ensure you are doing enough to keep your child occupied, developing and learning these are our ideals for every child every day in reception.

  • Read at least 1 book. You can listen to audio books and encourage your children look at books independently as well.
  • Have lots of conversations. Ask open questions who, what, why, where, when, how? Listen to your children’s ideas like they are the most wonderful thing you have ever heard. Sometimes they are!
  • Play! You can be a princess, a flower, a spider, an astronaut or whatever your child wants you to be.
  • Practical hands on maths. At home this could be when tidying up eg; how many cups go there? Playing a game, hopscotch, board games, noughts and crosses etc etc
  • Art! Paint, draw, make, dance, sing. It doesn’t have to be a ‘thing’ you can make just to enjoy making. Outdoors too a birds nest of grass or a castle of sticks and stones. Make up a song or dance be SILLY!
  • Discover. What happens if you leave an ice cube outside? Look for signs of spring. Make toast. Plant a seed.
  • Challenge! You know your child better than anyone. Let them do what they enjoy and still stretch them. If they want to write give them ideas. Check they’ve used sentence rules. If they love to draw can they draw something different today? Maths can they count all the tins in the cupboard? How many left if we use 2 tins of beans today?
  • Stay active. We do golden mile most days at school. You can join in with Joe Wicks each week day at 9am. Dance, jump, throw and catch a ball or balloon. 

If you would like any support or ideas please do not hesitate to contact me. And I’d love to receive updates of what you are doing with your children. Thank-you to those people who have been sending updates and pictures of your wonderful home learning. Please keep them coming and remember you can use 2simple as well as e-mail.

Keep in touch.

Stay happy, healthy and having fun.

Miss Richardson, Miss Corrigan and Mrs Harrison

Home Learning Support
If you have access to a printer please some of these activities out for your child to complete. There are some ideas which do not require a printer too.

There is also a wealth of support and ideas available on the internet. Here are some I think your children may enjoy.

on YouTube
9am daily PE with Joe Wicks
Cosmic Yoga

website and apps
Phonics Play
Teach Your Monster to Read
Oxford Owl
Storytime 11am weekdays with David Walliams
TopMarks interactive maths games
TT Rockstars (use your TTR login to access Numbots)
BBC Supermovers

Alphablocks and Numberblocks are also great educational fun on Ceebeebies 



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