St. Philip's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

"Where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated" Headteacher: Mrs Elizabeth Taylor B.Ed (Hons) M.A. (Primary Education) NPQH

Catholic Life

On this page you will find anything the school and children take part in throughout the year to support charities and other events which support the Ethos we follow.
St Philip’s school provides an outstanding quality of Catholic education. The outcomes for pupils, the provision for Catholic education, the effectiveness of leaders and managers and the school’s capacity for sustained improvement are outstanding in most areas. The school continues to build on previously outstanding performance and its capacity for sustained improvement is also outstanding. (quote from the Section 48 report below).

Ethos and Values

St Philip's Catholic Primary and Nursery School is a Catholic school where the message of Christ inspires the curriculum and all aspects of school life. Religious education is in accordance with Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.

The school aims to provide an education which enables each pupil, in accordance with his or her ability, to become a dedicated member of the Catholic Church and a responsible citizen.

Our Mission Statement


Christ is the foundation and the very centre of our school community. Our Mission Statement is based on the word of Jesus as revealed to us in the Gospels.

‘I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10)

Our Mission Statement is broken down into four discernible but not entirely discrete parts:



‘Your light must shine before people so that they see the good things you do and praise the Father in heaven.’

We aim to give all our children the understanding and knowledge that they are unique and gifted individuals, unconditionally loved by God who will never turn away from them.

We aim to ensure that they will develop values and virtues that will enable them to be assured and confident young people who want to make a difference by serving others.



‘Aspire not to have more but to be more.’ (Blessed Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador).

We want our children to find joy through learning life-skills which will have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.

As well as reaching high academic standards, we want our child to learn to question why things are as they are; understand and celebrate differences between us so they leave St. Philip’s with a compassionate attitude and a thirst for social justice.



‘If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples.’ John 12:35

We want our children to develop an understanding that we are part of our family, school, parish, local and global communities and that we share a responsibility towards, and a respect of, ourselves and the wider community seeking God in others and accepting difference.

This responsibility extends to the stewardship of our planet earth, given to us by God.


‘In the light of Christ, where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated.’

Easter Displays
Lenten Fundraising
Each class decided on their own fundraising event to help raise funds over the Lent period.

Reception had a sponsored Danceathon
Reception/Year 1 had a sponsored Fun Run
Year 1 had Name the Bear
Year 2 had a treasure Map
Year 3 had a Guess the amount of Jellies in the Jar
Year 4 had a Bun Sale
Year 5 had Racing Cars
Year 6 hasd a Bun Sale

We would like to express our gratitude and say a huge thank you to everyone for all your support with our Lenten activities.  You have helped us to raise £1305.96 for our CAFOD and Catholic Care charities over Lent.  We will be sending both charities the cheques over the Easter period.  Once again, Thank you for all your support.
Washing of the Feet

Here are some of our Year 6 children washing each others feet after our school Mass.

Garden of Gethsemane
Bun Sale

Our Lenten charities are CAFOD and Catholic Care, here are some photographs of a Bun Sale organised by Years 4 and 6

Our Lenten Displays
Christmas Baby Appeal
Letter of thanks for Baby Appeal

Our appeal this Christmas was for the Gianna project, we asked for donations of anything a baby would need in the first year of it's life and were astonished by the generosity of everyone who donated, many, many thanks to you all

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon.

Thank you for all those who contributed and attended our Macmillan coffee afternoon, this was a huge success and we raised 300.00.

Harvest Festival and Welcome Mass

This is the start of what turned out to be one of our most successful collections ever. St Vincent's were delighted and very touched by all the contributions and said they would be put to good use as their shelves were empty. For this Mass the children also made welcome cards for our new Priest Fr Polland.

Catholic Life at St Philip's

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