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School Uniform

Uniform is available from Khalids in Morley and on Tescos website.

Parents are encouraged to provide their children with the following school uniform:

Grey skirt / pinafore
Blue blouse or polo shirt
Maroon cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt.
School tie (optional)
Red and white check/stripe dress for Summer use only
Pumps or indoor shoes
Plain Black only outdoor shoes


Grey  trousers 
Blue shirt or polo shirt
Maroon jumper or sweatshirt
School tie (optional)
Pumps / indoor shoes

Plain Black only shoes


School ties are £4.00 for elastic or £4.50 for full length
Book bag / PE bag £5.00 each (all available from the school office but must be paid for online prior to collection).

Please note that the satchel book bags that can be purchased from other outlets do not fit into our book bag trays therefore can we ask that you only purchase the bags that are available in school.

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation children are permitted to wear plain black shoes inside school.  The shoes must not have any bright visible logo on them.



P.E Kit
Plain white t-shirt
Navy / black shorts/skirt
Plain coloured leotard

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation children are permitted to attend school in their P.E. kits on their given P.E. day.

Year 4 Swimming Kit

Girls – one piece plain, dark coloured swimming costume and towel.
Boys – plain swimming trunks (not Bermuda shorts) and towel.

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation children must wear their swimming kits beneath their uniform prior to attending swimming classes.

Extreme hairstyles are discouraged

Parent Notice


All items of clothing, pumps, and pump bag must be clearly marked with your child’s name. Your child is encouraged to have a responsible attitude to all equipment used in school, respecting their own and other people’s possessions.

Named clothes can easily be returned to their owner. Unnamed clothes are kept for a short while then disposed of. If your child loses an item of clothing, please come and look for it. It is usually found.


Children should not wear jewellery at school. For safety reasons earrings are discouraged, but studs or small sleepers may be worn. All jewellery including watches must be removed during P.E. lessons. Jewellery gets in the way of play activities. Rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets etc. can get caught on equipment or another child and hurt the child.
The Governors, school staff and the Local Authority accept no responsibility for accidents where this rule is ignored.



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