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WOW where has the time gone? If you are like us, you can’t believe that these children are beginning their final year in primary school. It is a very important year for the children - one in which they will have greater responsibility around the school, one full of memorable events and the one in which they will complete their SATs. The children will also be preparing for life after St Philip’s in their new secondary schools. Year 6 is a place where self- confidence, independence and self-worth is highly promoted and it is always wonderful to see them flourish throughout the year. Supporting the children through their journey in Year 6 will be Miss Stewart and Mrs Shea. There are lots to look forward to in Year 6. The residential to Robinwood, Eden Camp and the end of year production (to name a few). We want every child to reach their full potential and be happy at school and we’re sure if we work together we can make this happen!

Heart Dissection Workshop

Talk about getting your hands stuck in! Year 6 have ended their Science topic with a heart dissection workshop to further their understanding of how the heart works to keep us alive

Eden Camp May 2021

Year 6 had a great day learning more about their History topic on WW2

Junior Researchers

Year 6 are reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and have been learning about the events of the Holocaust. They have become fantastic researchers and used a range of sources to find out more about their own historical enquiry.

Stephen Lawrence Day 22nd April 2021

Year 6 have focused on the theme of friendship for Stephen Lawrence Day. They partnered up with someone they wouldn't normally spend with and spent some time getting to know them. They made friendship bracelets to give to each other.

Maths in the sunshine!

Year 6 have been creating their own compound shapes then finding the area and perimeter. They came across some very large numbers to work with!

Shared Reading

Year 6 have been practicing their fluency and expression by reading The Lost Happy Endings with their partner. We couldn't wait to find out what happened to Jub and her sack of Happy Endings!

Vocabulary Hunt!

Year 6 have been on a hunt for new and exciting vocabulary to up level their new Fairy Tale gruesome endings!

Year 6 are back! MARCH 2021

As are the water guns for our Maths lessons!

World Book Day 2021

Remember to email your potatoes to Miss Stewart!


Please read the letter about what will be happening on World Book Day this year!

February Half Term Homework 
- Maths homework book p28-29 
- SPAG homework book p20-21 
- Spelling shed assignment 
- Comprehension homework book next page. 
- Reading every night. 
Home Learning Thursday 11th February

Read chapter 24 of The Executioner's Daughter. Follow the link to learn some French!

Home Learning Wednesday 10th February

SPELLING SHED ASSIGNMENT. Mark The Raven from yesterday. Forming equations video

Home Learning 9th February 2021


Home Learning Friday 5th February 2021


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We could not resist some extra time in the snow today!

Home Learning Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Please mark yesterday's Maths work on substitution. The answers are here.

Home Learning 1st February 2021

1) SPELLING SHED ASSIGNMENT TO COMPLETE. 2) Use the edit and improve and fronted adverbials to help you make changes to your letter. Then write up your final draft. You can type this if you wish. 3) Here is the video link for SUBSTITUTION

Home Learning Friday 29th January 2021

Follow the video link to help with today's Maths. There are also answers for yesterday's Maths work. Please mark yesterday's Maths.

Home Learning Thursday 28th January 2021

ENGLISH- Today you will write your first draft of a letter to Pa about your escape from the tower. Tell him about how you nearly drowned, saw the river witch and met the river thief. Use your plan from yesterday to help organise your ideas. There is also a good example and your favourite words and phrases you picked out. REMEMBER you must use informal language and describe EVERYTHING. Do this on a piece of paper and NOT in your English book. YOU MUST KEEP THIS SAFE TO BE STUCK INTO YOUR WRITING BOOKS WHEN YOU RETRUN. Good luck! MATHS- Follow the links to recap our lesson and complete both sheets on finding the rules.

Home Learning Friday 22nd January 2021


Home Learning Friday 15th January 2021

SPAG Homework books p60-61 SEMICOLONS

Home Learning Thursday 14th January 2021

SPAG Homework books p58-59 COLONS Maths Homework books p47-49 AREA OF TRIANGLES

Home Learning Wednesday 13th January 2021


Home Learning Friday 8th January 2021


Home Learning Thursday 7th January 2021


Home Learning Wednesday 6th January 2021

Geography- Brazil English- Create a new book front cover and blurb for A Christmas Carol Maths- Arithmetic

Team Building

Year 6 have been developing their team building skills. They had the tricky task of keeping the ball off the ground while remembering which position they were supposed to be in. They had to work together, remain focused and keep their eye on the ball!

Christmas in the trenches

Year 6 has spent this week learning all about life in the trenches. Today they have learnt about The Christmas Truce and recreated the events using freeze frames and taking pictures to show the remarkable occurrence of that day.

Friday 16th Ocober Home Learning

Guided Reading- Jane Eyre. English- Plurals and suffixes. Maths- Arthmetic and rounding. PHSCE- A Funny Feeling Inside


Hi Year 6! I forgot to uplaod the word study example for your dictionary dilemma work. Here it is!

Wednesday 14th October- Home Learning

Guided Reading- Comprehension Shark Attack. English- Dictionary dilemma. Maths- Roman Numerals. P.E- Balance and attack and defend.

Tuesday 13th October Home Learning

Guided Reading- Comprehension Fire Girl. English- Prefixes. Maths- Missing numbers, mulitplying by 2-digit numbers, radius and diameter. Look back at Wednesday's power point to remind you of the rules of radius and diameter. Art- Nature Weaving

Monday 12th October- Home Learning

Guided Reading- Chapter 15 Room 13. English- Spellings with -fer. Main and Subordinate Clauses. Maths- Converting miles to km.

Year 6 Zoom Registration- 9:30am

A gentle reminder about the Year 6 Zoom Registration which happens every morning at 9:30 for a few minutes. Login details for this have been emailed to you and I will send them again just in case you missed it. If your child is unable to join for any reason, please email me to let me know. I'm sure there are lots of technical issues or sometimes it is simply not possible! Thank you as always for your continued support during these strange times. Miss Stewart xxx
World Mental Health Day

Follow the link below and see how you can be like The Pig of Happiness!!

Friday 9th October- WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY! The Pig of Happiness

Let's keep singing with Mr Leech your fantatsic singing teacher! Click on the links below for your virtual singing lesson. Enjoy and show the people at home your powerful voices!

Lost in Space


Virtual Singing Session 39

Watch out for your Spelling Shed log in details. Your teacher will be sending them out to you by email very shortly.
Welcome to Year 6 Parents Meeting
The Sun Has Got His On!

Year 6 have being taking advantage of the weather and doing their Maths and English lessons outside. They have combined physical exercise with exercising their brains during Maths by trying to beat the clock! And going on a hunt for comprehension questions for our class novel, Room 13.


Hi Everyone, It's Mrs Beaumont here sneaking onto your class page... Sports day is one of my favourite days of the year. I didn't want us to miss out this year so on Tuesday 6th July our school is taking part in a virtual sports day against other schools. All you have to do is have a go at some of the activities attached and submit your scores here by 12 noon on Wednesday 8th July - You do not have to do all of the activities and can pick and choose which ones you would like to do. The more points you submit for our school the bigger our chance of winning. There are awards of sports equipment goody bags for Team work, Determination and Passion. BUT REMEMBER- The most important thing is to have LOTS OF FUN! Just like we always do at our St Philip's Sports Days! For more details and all the activities see the attached document.

Here are some websites your children may find useful. Happy searching!             White Rose Maths video tutorials.              BBC Bitesize KS2                       Primary Homework help                            Online dictionary                Education Quizzes

Exploring our new class text

Year 6 have been racking their brains with given clues and predicting what their next class book is going to be. On Friday we found an object from the book at the bottom of the field and they had to investigate!

Eden Camp
Robin Wood Activity Centre

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