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Well done to all those children who took part in the 'Express Yourself' video. It was wonderful to see you all expressing yourself and having fun! Enjoy :)

Monday 8th February

French - Go through the PowerPoint and complete the matching up activity to learn how to pronounce the rooms in your house in French!

Friday 5th February

We will be doing activities related to Children's Mental Health Week through zoom this morning! :) Music - Watch this YouTube video to learn more about Rhythm Notation

Thursday 4th February

Activities to be completed before the Zoom Session this afternoon: Reading comprehension - 'Aesop's Fables' pages 6-7. 30 minutes maximum. Correction will be done on Zoom this afternoon. Times Table Test - To complete their sheet in 5 minutes maximum and mark it independently. Arithmetic Test - To complete Test number 5. Correction will be done on Zoom this afternoon. To complete today: SPAG - Follow the link from the PowerPoint and watch the video before completing the activity below. Spelling test - to email teacher the words that were spelt correctly and the words that were misspelt. Daily ten - Complete activities on PowerPoint. History - Go through the PowerPoint and draw the map of an Anglo-Saxon settlement!

Monday 1st February

French - Go through this lesson on BBC Bitesize before completing the French Pet activity. If you want to have a little laugh, watch this video after finishing your activity ! :)

Monday 25th January 2021

Your French task for this week is to follow this link to learn more about how to introduce yourself in French! You could either write down a short presentation about your name, your age, when is your birthday, where you live and maybe as well where you come from! However, you could also record yourself reading it!

Thursday 21st January 2021

Children will need to complete the reading comprehension named 'Choosing a Bike' on pages 2 and 3 in their 'KS2 English Comprehension Year 4' book which you would have collected. We will go through the corrections in the afternoon on Zoom. Maths: Complete your times table test (5 mins) and mark it using the answers below. Complete Arithmetic Test number 3 in your pack. We will mark the answers in the afternoon before history.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

RE: Follow the slides thinking about the importance of mass. Using the 'Diamond 9 Cards' put them in order of most important to least important on the 'Diamond 9 template'. Write down why you have chosen the most and least important and explain WHY you have chosen those. After you have completed that task, write a prayer thanking God for mass.

Monday 18th January 2021

FRENCH TASK - I will be setting a French task every week for children to complete at home! :) Even though they will not receive lessons like in school, it is important for them to still listen to the French language and research more about the French culture! This week, children will need to research about how we celebrate the epiphany in France! I have very fond memories of celebrating it with my family, as we have a famous dish called 'La Galette des Rois' which comes with some traditions... ๐Ÿ˜„ Feel free to email me directly what they have found out at! Here are also two YouTube videos for them to watch about a story (one is someone reading the book, the other one is like a short cartoon of the same story)! It is in French, but they can follow with the pictures and video! ๐Ÿ™‚ AND - Au revoir! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday 8th January - Home Learning

Maths: Complete Pages 3-4 of the Maths Revision Booklet. I have attached the mark scheme for you to mark your answers once finished. English: Complete the SPAG starter if you haven't done it already on Zoom. Reading: Go through the inference PowerPoint and complete the reading comprehension. :)

Thursday 7th January - Home Learning

Maths: Complete the Times Table Test & Arithmetic Test (pages 3-9). Try to complete it in the same amount of time as we do in the classroom! You should take about 5 minutes to complete the Times Table Test and about 15 minutes to complete the Arithmetic Test! :) Once finished you need to mark your test using the mark schemes. English: complete the quick SPAG activity if you haven't done so this morning on Zoom. You will also have a fun video to watch and an activity on the same web page to work on when the 'sh' sound is spelt with 'ch' . Guided Reading: complete the inference activity. Take your time and don't hesitate to look out for words you don't understand! :)

Wednesday 6th January - Home Learning

Maths: Complete the Daily 10 then Complete pages 1-2 in the Maths booklet. You do not need to print any of the booklet you can copy the questions onto some paper and answer them on there. English: Complete the reading comprehension about New Year's Eve and correct your answers afterwards. RE: Look at the PowerPoint for the Epiphany! Answer the reading comprehension about the Epiphany afterwards. :)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us in Year 4! We hope you have a lovely, rested Christmas break and we look forward for you all to see what learning we get up to in 2021!

Festive Reading in Starbooks!

We have loved sitting in our festive reading corner 'Starbooks' this term! We even got ourselves into the Christmas spirit by dressing up when sitting in Starbooks to read.

Festive Reading in Starbooks!

We have loved sitting in our festive reading corner 'Starbooks' this term! We even got ourselves into the Christmas spirit by dressing up when sitting in Starbooks to read.

Circuits in PE

This term in PE we have been learning how to complete lots of new exercises through circuit stations. Some of the exercises included: squats, lunges, sit ups, and even tough burpees. Each week, we worked with a partner and timed how many exercises we could complete in a minute which allowed us to see if we had improved. Take a look at the pictures of us working hard in PE!

Exploring our Teeth

Today in Science, we explored our teeth and the functions of them by making models. We learnt lots of facts including how many teeth we have, the different types of teeth we have and what the function of each tooth is. We used marshmallows as teeth and shaped them represent the shape of each tooth. Afterwards, we labelled our diagrams and wrote the functions of each tooth down. Did you know we have 32 adult teeth?

Exploring our Teeth

Today in Science, we explored our teeth and the functions of them by making models. We learnt lots of facts including how many teeth we have, the different types of teeth we have and what the function of each tooth is. We used marshmallows as teeth and shaped them represent the shape of each tooth. Afterwards, we labelled our diagrams and wrote the functions of each tooth down.

Viking Day

What an AMAZING day we had to celebrate our History topic - the Vikings! We were all given Viking names which we had to use all day. We made Viking shields, Viking Oatcakes and even played a Viking raiding game. Have a look at our pictures below to see how much fun we had.

Maths on tables!

In Maths, on Tuesday 17th November, we decided to remind ourselves of how to use the column method to subtract 3-digit numbers together by drawing on tables! We obviously cleaned them thoroughly afterwards... :)

Science - The Digestive System

Today we became scientist and completed an experiment to explore how our digestive system works. We had so much fun and now know how food passes through our digestive system. Take a look at how we did our experiment!

Science - The Digestive System

Today we became scientist and completed an experiment to explore how our digestive system works. We had so much fun and now know how food passes through our digestive system. Take a look at how we did our experiment!

Children in Need

We had a fantastic day on Friday celebrating Children in Need. Thank you to all those who donated money and dressed in yellow/spotty clothing. As part of celebrating the day, we took part in a Joe Wicks 20 minute workout. It was very tiring but lots of fun!

Science - The digestive system

On Wednesday 11th November, we had a closer look at the digestive system! We used our Art skills to understand the different organs that help us digest! Next week, we will look even closer at the job of each of these organs...

Maths in SLIME!

On Tuesday 10th November, we did our Maths lesson a little bit differently... Questions were hidden in slime for us to fish out!! This activity helped us become more confident with adding two 4-digit numbers together!

In Flanders Fields...

On Wednesday 11th November, we remembered our fallen soldiers by creating blackout poetry using the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. Children did a fantastic job! Have a look at some of the beautiful art work they made...

16.10.20 - Online Learning

Today is your last day of online learning! Well done for all your hard work and commitment to your learning for the past 2 weeks. Listed below are all the documents you need to today's activities. See the instructions to find out what you will be doing! Happy Learning!

Amazing Work!

It is lovely to see how busy you have been with your online learning. Lucas has been super busy researching all about dragons before creating his own and Maria and Nikola have been working extremely hard on all of their online learning Great work Lucas, Maria & Nikola! Take a look at their pictures below.

15.10.20 - Online Learning

Good morning everyone! Have a look at the document named 'Instructions for work' to see what tasks you will be doing today. Please remember to send us any pictures of your work we would LOVE to see what you have been up to! Also, you should have all finished listening to How to Train Your Dragon by now, so don't hesitate to send us pictures of your book review!

14.10.20 - Online Learning

Good morning everyone! Have a look at the document named 'Instructions for work' to see what tasks you will be doing today. Please remember to send us any pictures of your work we would LOVE to see what you have been up to! Also, you should have all finished listening to How to Train Your Dragon by now, so don't hesitate to send us pictures of your book review!

Amazing Work!

Rosina has been working hard on her online learning. Have a look at the amazing work she has completed!

13.10.20 - Online Learning

Good morning! Please see the document labelled 'Instructions for work' to find out what you activities you will be completing today. Keep working hard and trying your best!

Amazing Work!

Adam, Nikola and William have been very busy completing their online learning at home. Take a look at the amazing work they have completed. Well done guys!

12.10.20 - Online Learning

Good morning! We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to continue with your online learning this week. Keep working hard and trying your best! Please see the document labelled 'Instructions for work' to find out what you activities you will be completing today.

Online Learning - 08.10.20

Today in Guided Reading you need to complete the comprehension attached. For English you need to listen to Chapter 17 using David Tennant's audio version - - (3:1:11) then complete the 'Hiccup's senses' sheet. In Maths, you need to complete your times table test and Arithmetic Test 6 page 30 -34 . You know if you are on Bronze or Silver for your times table test, I have also attached the answers for you to mark at the end. If you don't have a printer, you need to write the questions down and answer them. In History, I have attached the PowerPoint for you to follow and complete the task. Happy Learning!

RE Lesson - 07.10.20
For this lesson, please watch this link to learn more about the story of Jonah and the Fish.
Then you can choose to do either one of these activities, but try to challenge yourself!
  • You can write two paragraphs to explain what has happened in this story and what are the key points and messages from it. For example, what is God's message through this story? What does he want us to do? What could have Jonah done differently?
  • You can use the pictures to either print or copy to help you retell the story step by step, and finally explain what is God's message through this story.
  • You can use the pictures and text to match and put in order to retell the story, then explain what is God's message through this story.

English Lesson - 07.10.20

Here is a link to the BBC website to recap what is an expanded noun phrase! Once you are done going through it, have a go at completing the activities! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maths Lesson - 07.10.20

Today, you will be looking at comparing 4 digit numbers using the greater than and less than symbols. I have attached the PowerPoint for you to follow and with both questions and answers on there too. Make sure you start with your Fluency Five then move onto the questions. Please mark your questions using the answers in the slides. If you are struggling with using the greater and less than symbols then recap your knowledge by watching this video - 
Try your best and give it a go :) 

As well as completing your Maths lesson daily, we would also like you to ensure you are practising your times tables EVERY DAY! Whether you write them out in a coloured pencil every day or play times tables games online, it is extremely important you keep up your times table knowledge during this period. 

Here are a few websites you could use to practise your times tables:

TT Rockstars -
Hit the button -
Daily 10 - 
Maths Chase -
Maths Games - 
07-10-20 - Guided Reading 
Use the link to listen to chapter 15 & 16 read by the author, Cressida Cowell. Once you have listened to the video you must answer the questions below. - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16

You can also use this link to listen to the audio book read by David Tennant! Chapter 15 starts at 2:52:28 and Chapter 16 starts at 2:57:34. :)

1. Why did the boys start laughing hysterically?
2. What might Hiccup be feeling and thinking when he falls into the dragon's mouth?
3. Why do animals of the same breed not usually attack each other?
4. How does the author engage the reader at the end of the chapter?

Watch out for your Spelling Shed passwords. Your teacher will be sending them to you very shortly by email.
Art activity

Today, we want you to draw using a grid. Here are some examples that you can print off! :) If you don't have a printer, use a picture and draw a grid over it. Next, use a blank paper and also draw a grid over it. Use the grid to help you copy the picture!

English lesson - 6.10.2020

Please make sure you have gone through the PowerPoint about imperative verbs and have read Chapter 14 using the audiobook before completing this next task! :)

So... the Fiendishly Clever plan has gone wrong for Hiccup!

For this task, you are going to help Hiccup and create a new and better plan on how to defeat the gigantic dragon!

To do so, you must be extremely firm with Hiccup and make sure that he is going to follow the steps one by one!

What type of verbs should we use to be bossy? ........... Imperative verbs!

Can you think of some examples of imperative verbs?

Here are some great examples of imperative verbs we might use to give instructions to Hiccup: shut, fold, open, close, add, put, hold, throw, catch, fetch, jump, climb, hide, bring, sit, stop, move, sort, shout, whisper...
Can you already create one instruction using either one of these verbs?
Remember, the sentence must start with the imperative verb!


If we want to help Hiccup understand in what order he must follow these rules, what sort of connectives should I use? ........... TIME connectives!

Can you think of some times connectives to explain the order or the rules!

Here are some great examples of time connectives we might use to give instructions to Hiccup: then, finally, before, after, meanwhile, firstly, secondly, thirdly, next…

Now, on a piece of paper or a laptop, can you create some instructions for Hiccup on how he must fight this enormous dragon? Remember to start every sentence with a time connective then an imperative verb!
For example: Firstly, grab your sharp axe. Next, jump onto the monster's tail, but be careful that he is looking the other way first...
SPAG lesson 6.10.2020

Here is a PowerPoint to remind yourself about imperative verbs, also know as bossy verbs. You must go through this PowerPoint before moving on to the English task!

Maths Lesson - 06.10.20

Here is the Maths lesson for today. Please follow the slides and complete the questions.

Updated Autumn Newsletter

Please see Year 4's updated Autumn Newsletter. The children will their PE session on a THURSDAY. They need to come into school in their PE kit on the day.

More evidences of the dragon...

Here are some pictures of the dragon egg which was found, as well as what has happened this week!


Breaking news at St Philip's! Listen to our News Reports to learn more about what has happened in our school on Tuesday evening! You will also find a CCTV footage and pictures as evidence of the attack...

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Monday, Year 4 had an amazing day out to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had lots of fun seeing all the different types of animals and learning more about our Science topic 'Living Things and their Habitats'. During our visit, we were able to handle animal bio-facts including a Polar Bear's and Anteater's skull, a set of Lion claws and some real Camel fur. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals and their habitats. Have a look at our pictures below to see how much fun we had!

An exciting History lesson OUTSIDE!

This term in History, we are learning about VIKINGS! We decided to spend a lesson outside, underneath a lovely sunshine, to find some definitions about Vikings! In pairs, we filled up a VocAPPbulary!

Year 4's Autumn Newsletter
What have we been doing in MATHS!?

This week in Maths we have worked really hard on reminding ourselves how to partition a number, as well as understanding confidently a number line! Here are some pictures of us working really hard!

What an exciting door!

In Year 4, for this Autumn term, we will be learning about VIKINGS! We decided to see what it would be like to be one... Have a closer look at some children stood behind a Viking's outfit!


We are so excited to start this new school year with two new classes of Year 4!
In Year 4EC, children will be taught by our wonderful new teacher Miss Caulfield, while in Year 4AV, children will be taught by our lovely teacher Miss Varlet.
Don't miss out on our Meet the Teacher Zoom meetings on
Tuesday 15th September at 4pm! You will receive an invitation for the appropriate class! See you then! 

Ivanna's art

Ivanna has produced a fantastic drawing of an eye. You can really see she's spent a long time working on it. I wonder who else will be inspired to have a go at some art...


Hi Everyone, It's Mrs Beaumont here sneaking onto your class page... Sports day is one of my favourite days of the year. I didn't want us to miss out this year so on Tuesday 6th July our school is taking part in a virtual sports day against other schools. All you have to do is have a go at some of the activities attached and submit your scores here by 12 noon on Wednesday 8th July - You do not have to do all of the activities and can pick and choose which ones you would like to do. The more points you submit for our school the bigger our chance of winning. There are awards of sports equipment goody bags for Team work, Determination and Passion. BUT REMEMBER- The most important thing is to have LOTS OF FUN! Just like we always do at our St Philip's Sports Days! For more details and all the activities see the attached document.

Alex's Harry Potter Challenge

Alex has created his own Harry Potter maths challenge for you all to have a go at.


Well done to all the families that attempted the 'Family Maths Challenge'. So now we are another week down the line so here is another one for you..... can you beat your last score?? :)


Here Olivia has enjoyed being an Artist aswell as a Chef! Victor has also enjoyed being a creative artist in the outdoors! Well done to all! :)

FRENCH at Home! 

Miss Varlet has sent some excellent links for you to go on at home to learn more FRENCH! There is a mass of recources for you to access and lots of things for you to do! I will also attach the 'FRENCH TREASURE HUNT' document seperately for you to use! So come on year 4.... if you are fancying a different challenge tackle some FRENCH! :) 

The first resource is a link to a home learning website that a teacher has started since the lockdown. She has done some videos where she teaches key vocabularies and simple conversations in French. ๐Ÿ™‚

The second resource is a mix of different French recipes, and I can confirm that they are typically French as it is the sort of food that my mum makes! ๐Ÿ˜„

The third resource is the online reading of a very special book in France called 'The Little Prince'. Michael Morpurgo will be reading extracts from the book on social media! It is an absolutely wonderful story that has had an impact on many children in France (me including!).

The last resource is a lovely French treasure hunt that children can go and do in a park, as it is based around Spring. I have attached the document to this email. It's very short and simple, and although it is all in French, it is only simple words with pictures that they can always google translate if they need to! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope these resources will be helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚
Maths, Maths and more Maths!

Here are some more Maths Challenges for you... to keep your brains ticking and to keep you using all the skills we have taught you! Remember - when you have completed these be creative, create some of your own or maybe even challenge your family!

Alex's Harry Potter Smoothie

Alex has really enjoyed our topic of Harry Potter and has really got into character! He has made a delicious smoothie, I wonder if anyone else can give it a go?!


There is an app called TopYa! It allows children to take part in competitive PE at home. It is
completely free and has been recommended by
our SGO (School Games Organiser). Once
registered children will be able to compete in the competition and get onto the regional leader
board - Mrs Beaumont will keep an eye on this
and let us know if any of you make it. Please can you register your child and have a go at
challenges weekly. There are prizes up for grabs
and it would be great to see some children from
St Philips on the leader board.
Top Ya! comply with all COPPA and GDPR
safeguarding standards.

Here are the details - 

TopYa – 

School Games Championships Virtual 

Competition: The future looks ‘Virtual!’ Your 

School Games have teamed up with the online

 platform Top Ya! to develop a ‘free’ digital 

challenge competition for children (secondary 

and primary). There will be variety of skill-based 

challenges that the children watch in video 

format, they practice the skills then submit a 

video of their best performance. They will then 

receive personal feedback from a Top Ya! Coach. Points will be awarded for every video submitted which will be added to their ladder of success 

and earn prizes. 

For teachers and parents to access these 

challenges which will be updated on 

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:


· Download the Top Ya! app

· Join and register as a PLAYER

· Use the Invite Code 23880

· Complete the registration process by inputting

 all personal details


The app is then ready for use.



Here are some more photographs of our wonderful children in Year 4, been creative and enjoying their learning at home. It is lovely to see children trying things they never had before, working with their families and producing some wonderful things! :) Maja has been carrying out experiments about Superbugs and Antibiotics, as well as making some very tasty treats! I wonder if you would consider going on to 'The Great British Bake Off'? I bet your tasty treats tasted as good as they looked! Also, Olivia has been creative yet again making a Pom Pom called Pumpkin! :)


Here is Maths Challenge Pack 1 for you to complete Year 4! :) Best get problem solving! As it says on the questions we want this to be for the family ........ 'Family Challenges' for you to all work together! Your family will receive a certificate of achievement!


So Year 4.... here is the challenge...... We will start uploading some Year 4 Maths Challenges for you to complete! Each one consists of a range of questions for you to problem solve and find the answers. All you have to do is complete the questions, write down your answers and then send them back to us! I wonder how many you can get correct!? Certificates will be awarded for completing these and we will send it back to you via email!


Well done to the Chalupnik Family for completing the challenge! :) 
Well done to the Szymaniak Family for also completing thew challenge! :)

Well done to the Grabowska Family for also completing thew challenge! :)

Who is feeling 'Arty'? Miss Doran our arts coordinator in school has sent on this pack of great ideas. Who would've thought there were so many different styles of Art! Have a look through this Y4 and see which one's you could challenge yourself with.... who is going to be the most creative? Any work you do please send through to us and we will forward this on to Miss Doran too who I am sure will be very happy to see it!


This is wonderful to see Nikola in Y4 playing the kindness bingo with her sister and family at home. What a great way to do it.... kindness bingo in the house and garden! I bet there was lots of smiles on faces during this! Well done girls! :)


Today we received some lovely pictures of Joellen celebrating her birthday with her family. We thought it would be a good idea to share these with you all. Looks like they had a lovely tea party!

Safer Schools - Random Acts of Kindness

Spreading 'Random Acts of Kindness' can go a long way in making somebody smile! :) Here we have uploaded a PowerPoint to look through all about 'Kindness'. Then, why don't you have a go at the 'Act of Kindness' Bingo and challenge yourself to seeing how many you could complete in your home with one another!

Times Tables Rockstars

I have also downloaded the TT Rockstars Practise Grids for those of you that do prefer to have a go on paper formats first. Stick to the 5 minutes and see how you do! Remember Year 4 your timestables are the fundamentals for EVERYTHING else in Maths! :)


A BIG SHOUT OUT to all the Year 4 children that have been pushing themselves even more to climb the table in TT Rockstars! Both myself and Miss Ormonde-Church are so impressed at how many of you have moved up the ranks, improved your overall speed and are now showing more consistency in the recall of your timetables!! I wonder if as a class challenge by the end of this academic year we can try and get EVERY MEMBER OF YEAR 4 into the TOP 3! This means you have to keep going to become either a ROCK STAR/ROCK LEGEND/ROCK HERO! Come on Year 4 we can do this......... you never know you may receive your top status certificate and badge in the post!

Year 4 Mastery SPAG Skills

So alongside Reading & Comprehension it is equally important you are brushing up on your SPAG skills. We have uploaded some work on this which will focus on the following with you; - Word Classes (Including; adjective, verbs, nouns, adverbs) - Use of punctuation - Tenses (Past/Present) - Use of speech Again, please do not feel you have to complete these all at once. Between each sheet there are some guideline for practising your handwriting. (These of course would need to be printed). I would strongly advise you to practise your handwriting at home making sure it is joined up, ascenders/descendesr are correctly formed and so is letter formation! Take your time Year 4, but focus on getting it right!

Retrieval and Inference Skills Consolidation

We have uploaded some reading sources for you to focus on both your 'retrieval AND inference skills'. We focus on these quite heavily at school so it is still really important you are practising doing this at home. Please don't feel like you have to work through these all at once as there are 4 texts. Maybe with everything else do one every couple of days. Skills Focus: Retrieving Information TEXT 1: 'Big Ben Gets a Bath' TEXT 2: 'Ahoy Me Hearties' Skill Focus: Making Inferences TEXT 1: 'Opening Night' TEXT 2: 'A Busy Morning' I wonder which you prefer...... retrieval OR inference......?

Cracking Comprehension - The Little Ghost

Cracking Comprehension is a scheme we use in school to support the children's understanding when reading. Some of these were given to you in Week One, however, I have found another online for you to have a go at. 'The Little Ghost' - the text for you to read is on page 16 and the answer sheet for you to complete is on page 17. NO CHEATING though as I have also included the answers so your parent/carer can go through it with you when you have had a go! BEST GET CRACKING YEAR 4........

Art Work for the Alistair Brownlee Competition!

Zofia has created some Art for the competition! Well Done Zofia in Y4 for your effort in Art!

Maths/English Work Booklet!

Mr Gallagher our Chair of Governors found these excellent 'Home Booklets' and wanted me to share them with you, for you to work through to further consolidate your Maths and English knowledge! They are very appealing and look great as a challenge to work through. If any of you require this to be printed and collected from school please let me know and I will make sure this is available for you! :)

SCIENCE through STORIES.........

Here is a link to the STEM website. It has ideas for ways to teach Science through stories and shows the links to each year group topic. All you have to open the link, click on the age phase appropriate for you and away you go! There are some really interesting one's, my favourite one was...... Cahrlotte's Web all about LIFECYCLES! I wonder what your favourite would be?

Let us know!


Hope you all had a wonderful half term and made some time for yourselves with your family! It has been great to see so many of you sending photographs in to upload onto our website of the exciting things you have been doing! We will be uploading more things onto the school website for you to conintue with your home learning, so watch this space! We will also be emailing and making contact with you over the coming weeks again to see how you are getting on. 

Please remember: If you would prefer some work to be printed for you we can arrange this and you can collect from school. If this is the case please send an email directly to the class teacher and this will be sorted out for you. 

We MISS YOU all so much and school is not the same without you guys but please don't think for a minute you arn't on our minds. Let us know if there is anything else we can do or you need our support with. 

Mrs McGrath & Miss Ormonde-Church
Can you design an inspiring picture for Alistair Brownlee?

Alistair Brownlee is a triathlete from Leeds! He swims, cycles and runs. Due to the lockdown, he can't go to his swimming pool to practice so has had to put one in his garage. He has created a competition for you all to take part in. He wants you all to draw an inspiring picture to go on his wall so he has something to look at while he's training. What do you think would make a great picture? In the document attached it has all the information on how to take part and where to send your entries to. We would also love to see your ideas so please send them over to us!

Victoria's baking

Victoria wanted to share the delicious baking she has been doing while at home. They look so tasty!


More pictures to showcase some of the very creative learning our wonderful Year 4 children have been completing! It is great to see some many different ideas that are portrayed from the learning that is set online! You are doing us ever so proud everyone! Keep it up! :)

Oxford Reading Tree:
Oxford Reading Tree are offering free online books from the book band scheme we follow in school. All you have to do is register and you will have free access. Some of the books on there are audio books. Please feel free to see what books are available in your child's book bad. Most of the e-books also come with a short comprehension task which would be really beneficial for your child.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if we can help with anything else. 
Alex's Earth Day game

Alex has made his own board game based on Earth Day. Well done! I can't wait to play it.


These are great activities for children to do at home to learn about about the evolution of antibiotics from Alexander Fleming to the present day. Click on the link to find out more....
Baking and Cooking Ideas! 

I have heard that so many children have been enjoying other experiences at home such as baking and cooking! This is wonderful to hear and so many skills are learnt through doing this. Not only that, you are speanding quality time together as a family to make something scrummy to eat! 

I have found some more 'child friendly' recipes for you on this website........ who will have a go I wonder.....?

When you have down some baking, don't forget to send us the pictures through and we can upload them onto the wesite  to showcase your efforts!

A parent shared this link with us, that you may find good to do. You can complete your own 'COVID 19 Time Capsule'. Complete this booklet full of information relating to yourself. This could be something you will look back on in years to come, to reflect on these strange times we are facing at the moment.

Maths, Maths and more Maths!

I know so many of you are keen to work through Maths problems.... here are some more for you to pick and choose which ones you would like to have a go at! There are quite a lot here, but remember the important thing in Maths is not to give up and challenge yourselves. I wonder how many you can complete....

Maths Arithmetic Tests

Here are some more Maths Arithmetic Tests to keep your minds thinking about addition/subtraction/multiplication/division and much more! You can complete these into your exercise books so no need to print them. Always remember, show your working out! :)

Mak's Anglo Saxon Village

During lockdown, Maks has been very created and designed and made his own Anglo Saxon Village! Amazing effort Maks, this is wonderful to see! I wonder what you will make next..... :)

SPAG week 7, 8 & 9

Here are the SPAG activities for weeks 7, 8 and 9. There are a lot of questions on each document so please don't do them all at once. If it takes you more than the 3 weeks to complete then that is fine. As always our emails are open should you need any help or want to share any work.

English activites:

If we were at school our current book would have been Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone one of Miss Ormonde-Church's favourite ever books! Lots of you may have the book at home, there are audiobooks on youtube or you can get a months free trial to audible where you can listen toStephen Fry read it fantastically! If you are in a position to do so then that would be great. 

Harry Potter is a Wizard who got to have some very exciting lessons. Potions is one of his lessons, could you create some instructions for how to make your own potion. Could you make a potion that turns you invisible? Could you create a potion that  makes you the luckiest person in the world? Think about what you need to include in your instructions. What ingredients do I need? How many? What do I do first? How do I do it? Make sure your instructions are very clear or we could have some disastrous potions! 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Please don't forget to send over photos of what you get up to!
History activities:
Our history topic would be the Anglo Saxons and the Scots. I wonder what information you could find about them? Who were they? What did they do?

Could you do a bit of a research project on them? Could you create a piece of art on them? Could you do some cooking inspired by them? 

I look forward to seeing what you get up to! 
Reading and Spelling activities

I hope you are all well and are staying happy and safe. I have attached some activities that you can do for reading and spelling. Lower down on the page you will find the Year 3/4 spelling words, the activities will help with learning these.

Earth Day

Nadia has created some fantastic pieces of art for Earth Day. Each picture helps create a sentence. I wonder who can work out what sentence Nadia is showing?

Earth Day 2020!

Here are some wonderful creations that the children have been making in Year 4 for Earth Day 2020!

Times Table Rockstars:

Please remember to keep using TT Rockstars! Your times table knowledge is still going to be really important when you get back to school! Well done to Ivanna, Alex B, Maks and Maya who are all answering questions in less than a second! I wonder who else can get their time this low! 

If we were at school our topic for Science would be sound. An idea of something else you could do is a bit of a research project on Alexander Graham Bell. Can you create a poster, a powerpoint presentation, a video or any other way of presenting information on him. Who is he? What did he do? Why does he link to our topic of sound?  How has he helped the way we live?

I look forward to seeing what you're getting up to! 
Earth Day 2020:
Today is World Earth Day, a day to focus on how we can continue to keep our earth safe and healthy. This years focus is Climate Action. Below are a few ideas of activities you can do to get involved. As always I would love to see what you're getting up to! 

You could do some research to find out what climate change is and how we can help. 

We did lots of work in English looking at plastic pollution and the impact it had on the ocean. Could you create your own poster with the facts we found.

Here is a website you could use to help you find out some  more facts -

You could create your own art work using recycled material you have found around your house.

You could do some gardening and plant some of your own seeds. Can you then tell me why it is important for us to keep planting flowers and trees?

Let me know if I can help with anything!  

Additional Resources:

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and made the most of the lovely weather that we had.
I'm adding the link for the BBC Bitesize lessons. You don't have to do this, but if you are looking for extra activities to do these are really good. The children should be able to access these lessons independently as there are videos there to support them.

There is also the National Oak Academy that has been set up by the government with the help of teachers. There are again lots of really useful lessons for the children to complete independently. There are options for English, Maths and Foundation (these are your science, geography, history etc.) All subjects follow the same format; a quiz to see what they know already, a video with some teaching, a main activity and then a final quiz.

As always, myself and Mrs McGrath are available over email, so don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to see and hear what the children have been up to! 

Take care. 
Easter activities......
Before the school temporarily closed, as a year group we had been looking at writing a persuasive letter trying to get people to think about their recycling. We looked at lots of different facts about ocean pollution and it is something we became very passionate about. We looked at all the different features for persuasive writing (groups of 3, emotive language, rhetorical questions and superlatives.) It would be great to see if any of the children would be able to have a go at writing one of these letters. 

If the children are feeling particularly passionate about another subject then they, of course, can write about anything they wish. 

Stay safe and get in touch if we can be of any help.

Miss Ormonde-Church and Mrs McGrath. 
End of Year 4 spellings

We hope you are all keeping well and safe. It has been lovely to see so many of you sending over some great work, keep it up! We are attaching the spellings the children need to know by the end of year 4. It would be great if the children could keep working on these, perhaps a mini spelling test or just using the words in sentences to check they understand the meaning.

SPaG - Year 4

These are the SPaG uploads that children are required to complete weekly.

Work for Year 4 children during the suspended break from school!

We have tried hard to provide work for the children on a week-to-week basis given the situation we are finding ourselves in. We hope that this is useful for your child and that they can continue to enjoy learning at home.

For each week we have given children a; Reading Comprehension, Mixed Maths Starter, SPaG activity and a Maths Arithmetic Test. This is also alongside their Reading and accessing the recommended websites such as TimesTable Rockstars. We will keep updating things from our end to keep the children learning best we can!

Of course, this comes with restrictions however, please do not hesitate to contact us on our personal emails. 

Thank You 

Mrs McGrath and Miss Ormonde-Church

Week One (w/c 23/03/2020)

Reading Comprehension:
War Boy - Michael Foreman (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Spring Test 6 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 1 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 1 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Two (w/c 30/03/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Harriet's Hare - Dick King-Smith(Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 1 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 2 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 2 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Three (w/c 06/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: The Better Brown Stories - Allan Ahlberg (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 2 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 3 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 3 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Four (w/c 13/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Oliver Twist's Childhood - Charles Dickens (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 3 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 4 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 4 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Five (w/c 20/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Knight Survival Guide: Are You Tough Enough? - Anna Claybourne (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 4 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 5 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 5 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Six (w/c 27/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Would You Eat Less-Than-Perfect Fruit or Vegetables?  (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 5 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 6 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 6 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 
PE - Circuit Training in Year 4

The children have LOVED doing their circuit training during PE! We have allowed the children to take a lead and steer their own stations on which exercises to perform. We have discussed the muscles we use and how exercise effects our bodies in different ways. Roll on next week....

Year 4
Our classroom is a fun place to be!  We help and encourage each other so we can all achieve the best we can.  If we find something hard, we never give up we just try our hardest and persevere.
We don't mind if we make mistakes or get something wrong as we know we are learning something new.  We enjoy swimming every Monday and Ukeleles every Thursday.

The staff in Year 4 are;
Mrs McGrath (teacher) Miss Ormonde-Church (teacher) Mrs Fox (HLTA) Miss Watt (Support staff) Miss Carroll (Support staff) Miss Skelding (Support staff P/T)
We have 46 children in Year 4!
Creative Writing in Year 4

The children in Year 4 this term have been working extremely hard on their extended writing. They were challenged to create their own story with a mythical creature and setting. I have to say some of the writing has blown me away! The structure approach used was the โ€˜burgerโ€™ and I am sure this was enthused so many children, especially when they were also promised the burgers! For each aspect of writing children had to think about extra detail they wanted to include, making their story an interesting read. As promisedโ€ฆ.. the children made the burgers and verbalised their stories to one another. They all agreed the best bit was actually eating the burger!! We then finished off by doing 3 laps of the golden mile!

Mental Health Week

As part of Mental Health Week 2020 in Year 4 we have been looking at our feelings and emotions. Firstly, we explored our โ€˜good vibesโ€™ and what things contributed to us feeling this way. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and it was great to see we have such a variety in Year 4. In class we created our own comic strips thinking about how our feelings may change throughout the day. The children were very honest and found this very interesting to do!


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