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Easter activities......
Before the school temporarily closed, as a year group we had been looking at writing a persuasive letter trying to get people to think about their recycling. We looked at lots of different facts about ocean pollution and it is something we became very passionate about. We looked at all the different features for persuasive writing (groups of 3, emotive language, rhetorical questions and superlatives.) It would be great to see if any of the children would be able to have a go at writing one of these letters. 

If the children are feeling particularly passionate about another subject then they, of course, can write about anything they wish. 

Stay safe and get in touch if we can be of any help.

Miss Ormonde-Church and Mrs McGrath. 
End of Year 4 spellings

We hope you are all keeping well and safe. It has been lovely to see so many of you sending over some great work, keep it up! We are attaching the spellings the children need to know by the end of year 4. It would be great if the children could keep working on these, perhaps a mini spelling test or just using the words in sentences to check they understand the meaning.

SPaG - Year 4

These are the SPaG uploads that children are required to complete weekly.

Work for Year 4 children during the suspended break from school!

We have tried hard to provide work for the children on a week-to-week basis given the situation we are finding ourselves in. We hope that this is useful for your child and that they can continue to enjoy learning at home.

For each week we have given children a; Reading Comprehension, Mixed Maths Starter, SPaG activity and a Maths Arithmetic Test. This is also alongside their Reading and accessing the recommended websites such as TimesTable Rockstars. We will keep updating things from our end to keep the children learning best we can!

Of course, this comes with restrictions however, please do not hesitate to contact us on our personal emails. 

Thank You 

Mrs McGrath and Miss Ormonde-Church

Week One (w/c 23/03/2020)

Reading Comprehension:
War Boy - Michael Foreman (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Spring Test 6 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 1 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 1 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Two (w/c 30/03/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Harriet's Hare - Dick King-Smith(Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 1 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 2 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 2 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Three (w/c 06/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: The Better Brown Stories - Allan Ahlberg (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 2 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 3 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 3 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Four (w/c 13/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Oliver Twist's Childhood - Charles Dickens (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 3 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 4 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 4 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Five (w/c 20/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Knight Survival Guide: Are You Tough Enough? - Anna Claybourne (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 4 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 5 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 5 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 

Week Six (w/c 27/04/2020)

Reading Comprehension: Would You Eat Less-Than-Perfect Fruit or Vegetables?  (Paper Copy)
Maths Arithmetic Test: Summer Test 5 (Paper Copy) 
SPaG Stater - Week 6 (on website)
Mixed Maths Starter - Week 6 (on wesbite)

Plus - Home School Reading & TT Rockstars 
PE - Circuit Training in Year 4

The children have LOVED doing their circuit training during PE! We have allowed the children to take a lead and steer their own stations on which exercises to perform. We have discussed the muscles we use and how exercise effects our bodies in different ways. Roll on next week....

Year 4
Our classroom is a fun place to be!  We help and encourage each other so we can all achieve the best we can.  If we find something hard, we never give up we just try our hardest and persevere.
We don't mind if we make mistakes or get something wrong as we know we are learning something new.  We enjoy swimming every Monday and Ukeleles every Thursday.

The staff in Year 4 are;
Mrs McGrath (teacher) Miss Ormonde-Church (teacher) Mrs Fox (HLTA) Miss Watt (Support staff) Miss Carroll (Support staff) Miss Skelding (Support staff P/T)
We have 46 children in Year 4!
Mental Health Week

As part of Mental Health Week 2020 in Year 4 we have been looking at our feelings and emotions. Firstly, we explored our ‘good vibes’ and what things contributed to us feeling this way. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and it was great to see we have such a variety in Year 4. In class we created our own comic strips thinking about how our feelings may change throughout the day. The children were very honest and found this very interesting to do!

Creative Writing in Year 4

The children in Year 4 this term have been working extremely hard on their extended writing. They were challenged to create their own story with a mythical creature and setting. I have to say some of the writing has blown me away! The structure approach used was the ‘burger’ and I am sure this was enthused so many children, especially when they were also promised the burgers! For each aspect of writing children had to think about extra detail they wanted to include, making their story an interesting read. As promised….. the children made the burgers and verbalised their stories to one another. They all agreed the best bit was actually eating the burger!! We then finished off by doing 3 laps of the golden mile!

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