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Welcome to Year 2!

Have a look around our class page to see what we have been up to recently!

There are 30 of us in Year 2 and we are helped everyday by Miss Doran and Mrs Horne.

In Year 2 we aim to share lots of fun experiences while also learning many new things. It is an important year for us so we must listen, focus and try our best at all times. We will read at home every night and practise our spellings before we are tested at school. We also use Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots to help us with our arithmetic work. Everyday, we practise our handwriting so that we can join up beautifully. We must do this at home too so our handwriting is improving all the time.

We have outdoor P.E on a Monday and indoor P.E on a Wednesday. Please make sure correct kits are in school at all times. Our library day is Thursday so we must remember to bring our borrowed books in to change them.

Week 2 Activities 30.03.20

I hope you are all keeping well! Thank you to those of you that have sent me pictures of your learning so far. It is amazing to see the work you have been doing! I am sending stars to children working through their Book Bingo too so keep going!

Here are some activities to do this week. Remember to do these at your own pace. If you don’t have access to a printer you can copy the answers onto your own paper/notebook. While the weather is so lovely, try and get into your gardens, if possible. If you have some, use chalk or have a look for any objects in your gardens that you could use to show answers or make things from.

There are two general Maths activities to do this week. These will help you go over and practise topics we have done so far this year. We have also recently done some work measuring in centimetres and metres. Have a go at doing this around your home and use the activities below to compare and order length and height. There is also an activity with word problems using + - x ÷.

There are two reading activity cards to complete. Please also carry on with the Book Bingo challenges too. I have also included two more SPAG based challenges.

As Holy Week approaches take some time to read about each day using the resource below. Can you draw the symbols of Holy Week? For example, the palm leaves for Palm Sunday.

Here is also a lovely art idea using materials you may have around your home- Please show me pictures if you make these!

Please continue to fill in your plant diaries and accessing all the below reading resources, useful wesbites, TT Rockstars and Numbots.

Have a great week everyone! Please let me know if you need anything else and feel free to email me to show me your work or ask me anything!

Miss Doran :)

Week 1 Activities 23.03.20

Below are some activities to do this week.

The Maths focus this week is missing number problems and comparing time. We were doing 'time' in school last week so do please keep practsing this; o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 

There are some SPAG based activities and a reading comprehension (the mark scheme is there for adult eyes only!) We have recently been learning all about Florence Nightingale. Below you will find a plan to fill in the different sections with your own research. Have a go at then creating a poster all about her. Imagine you are going to give this poster to someone who knows nothing about her. If possible, make it colourful and include facts and drawings. I would love to see pictures of these! 

Have a good week everyone and remember to email me if you need anything else! :)

Plant Diary

Last week, Year 2 planted their own seeds. Hopefully, you are now looking after these carefully at home. Fill in this plant diary week by week to track its growth.


Here is a clock you can make to help you practise telling the time. You may have had one of these sent home with you.

Some useful websites:

Phonics Play-   Phonics play have given out a username and password for all Parents to use while home leanring with children. This is available on the home page. 

Joe Wicks-  Joe Wicks aka 'The Body Coach' is becoming the Nation's P.E teacher from Monday morning with child friendly LIVE workouts. These will be daily, Monday to Friday from 9.00am. I'll be joining in too!


The Story Starter-  This is a great tool for when you're wanting to do some creative writing. The site generates a random first line of a story and it's up to you to write the rest! I'd love to read some! 

Oxford Owl- Once you have created a log in you can access over 100 free ebooks to read!

TT Rockstars-  Times table focused- you all have a log in for this. Please use regularly as I will keep updating the challenges.

Numbots- Practise of addition and subtraction including number bonds. You all have a log in for this. Please use regularly as we can then catch up with stickers and I will be looking to see who has reached a new level!
Book Bingo and Reading Activities!

Here is a new Book Bingo sheet for you to complete! Please let me know when you have completed a line! I have attached a Book Review template which you can use to complete one of the tasks.

Home Timetable

Please feel free to use this editable timetable which also comes with picture cards to add some routine and structure to your days at home.

100 Things to do Indoors!

Have a look at all the amazing ideas you can be doing while you're spending more time at home!

Home Learning

It is with great sadness that school is closing its doors to most of our children for the foreseeable future. This is not an easy time for any of us. This page will be kept updated with ideas and activities you can be doing at home to keep you busy and to continue to develop your learning. You should all now have my email address. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I can also reply with more activities. I am still here as your teacher and to help you as much as possible!

Some important things to remember during your time at home:
-Try to keep routine in your day. Get dressed everyday so you feel ready for your day ahead and it keep things as normal as possible. I have left a timetable here for you to plan out each day of the week with the activities you want to do. Make sure you have regular breaks throughout the day.
-Don't spend too long on electronic devices each day. Give specific time to this.
-Make sure you are given jobs and responsibilities to do around the house.
-Make sure to keep movement in your day. Don't spend the whole day in one room. Get outside, if possible and use all the space you have indoors too.
-Have set meal and snack times and try to plan them ahead so you know what you are having and when.

Activities and Ideas you can be doing all the time:

-Please keep using TT Rockstars and Numbots. I will keep updating the challenges that are set on these and it really does develop your arithmetic skills.
-Read as much as possible! Look at the list of useful websites for some great ebooks too. I have attached a Book Bingo sheet for you to start working on too. Please email me when you have completed a line! I would love to see pictures of any activies you complete too!

Stay safe, happy and healthy.
Thank you, 
Miss Doran :)
Middleton Park

To start our year off we went on a walk to our local park in Middleton. This was part of our topic ‘Our Local Area’. We had a map with special key items that we needed to find and label. In Autumn 2 we had a visit from a Judo instructor who taught us lots of special moves. We also played some team games.

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