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Up, up and away with Year 2...

Wecome to Year 2! Our class promise is to always be kind to one another and to appreciate our own talents and gifts. You can find out all about what we have been learning in class here on our Year 2 page.

Good morning Year 2! Here is some work for you to do today...


Friday 22nd January 2021
LC: I can publish my diary entry.
  • Look at the diary entry you wrote yesterday as Vlad the flea, today you are going to write it up on some plain paper and write it up beautifully!
  • Use a teabag to stain the paper brown and make it look old, as if it has really been written in 1666! 
Remember, when you're publishing your diary entry, you need to use your neatest handwriting, joining up your letters carefully.


Write the date and learning challenge:

LC: I can answer reasoning questions and explain my answers.

We will be practising how to answer reasoning questions around the 10 x table and focusing on explaining our answers, which a lot of us have been struggling with!
Remember, when we explain our answers we use the word because to show how we know. We don't just write yes and no, we explain how we know the answer!

Art Challenge!
Use lego to make a house on Pudding Lane in 1666. What colours were the houses? Were they tall like buildings today? Or very small and narrow? Look at some pictures of houses in 1666 like the one below to help you. 



Good morning Year 2! Here's some work for you to have a go at at home.
We are all missing you in class today!