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It takes all sorts to make a world.... Welcome to the amazing world of the Wonderful Ones!
There are 30 of us all together- we can't forget Mrs Morland and Mrs Pratt!

We really are Wonderful and we always find lots of ways to show we care about each other. Our classroom is an exciting, fun filled and friendly place to learn.  Come and take a look at our  journey so far....


Week 9 Learning at Home 08.06.20
We hope that you had lots of fun during the half term holidays and spent lots of time outside enjoying the sunshine!
It is hard to believe that it is week 9 of our home learning journey already! Here are some activities for you to do this week. Keep sending your photos and messages, we love seeing them and we are really proud of how hard you are all working.
  • Keep completing the free daily phonics sessions, I know how much you are enjoying them.
  • There are two new games on for you to try this week. It is free with the username march20 and the password home.
    The first is Reading Robot. Challenge yourself to read real and nonsense words and many more types of words. Those of you in Mrs Pratt's phonics group should choose phase 4 and everyone else should choose phase 5.
    The second game is called Cheeky Chimps. We know that the same sound can be spelt in different ways so help the Cheeky Chimp to sort the words by their sound. 
  • Lots of us have been gardening and some of us, including Mrs Morland, are growing our own vegetables! This week's traditional tale is called The Enormous Turnip. In the documents section, you will find the story for you to read out loud to your grown ups, don't forget to use expression and to try to use different voices for some of the characters.
  • There are also questions there for you to answer, remember to look back in the story for the answers if you are not sure.
  • Then draw a story map to help you retell the story to someone else. When you have drawn each picture, write a sentence to describe what is happening using CAPITAL LETTERS, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Really challenge yourself by writing your own Enormous Turnip story but change the vegetable to something else.
  • Keep going on Numbots and TT Rockstars as much as possible. You are all doing brilliantly and keeping Mrs Morland busy with all the certificates you are earning!
  • Complete the worksheets all about 2D and 3D shapes. Watch the video clip before you start each one so that you know what to do. 
  • Then why not sort your own 3D shapes that you have at home? After all a ball is a sphere, a cardboard box could be a cube or a cuboid, look carefully at each shape when you are sorting so that you will know what is the similar and different about them. How many different ways can you sort them?
  • We are spending more and more time outside now and there are lots of creatures to find. The next time you are out and about, use the minibeast hunting sheet to discover what lives near you.
  • Take great care when you are lifting up rocks, stones and branches to look underneath, we are a lot bigger that they are.
  • Remember to look and not touch, they are God's creatures. 
  • Can you draw your favourite creatures that you have found? Try to draw your pictures in a as much detail as you can so that anyone looking at it knows what they are. Then use your pictures to describe what they are like using adjectives. 
Returning to School: Year One like never before....

Soon some of us will be coming back to school and some of us won't but one thing is for sure Year One will be very different from how we remember it. Read and talk about these posters and the booklet with your grown ups to understand more about what is happening whether you are coming back to school now or not.

This week on Friday 22nd May, our congratulations go to....
  • Maya who has achieved Steel
  • Leia who has achieved Chrome
  • William who has achieved Glass
  • Emmanuel who has achieved Kevlar
Tell us a story....

Sharing stories is one of Year One's favourite things to do. Listen carefully to each video, can you hear the expression and different voices that we are trying to use when we are reading out loud to our grown ups?

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Week Eight Learning at Home

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining, what have we discovered this week?

Week Eight Learning at Home 18.05.20
Wow, doesn't time fly when you're having fun! Week eight is here already and here are some challenges for you to do at home....
  • Keep practicing every day using the free daily phonics sessions and by playing some games on Don't forget to use your phoneme fingers to help you blend.
  • Try to complete a few more pages from your Phase 5 Phonics booklet. This can be found in the week six documents section if you need another one).
  • Reading is one of our favourite things to do in Year One and some of us are running out of books to read at home!
  • Follow this link: and you will find more reading books on the same colour band as your old ones. There are also comprehension challenges to go with the books too.
  •  Follow this link: to find book lists split into different age group. Click on a book that you like the look of and it will take you to a video on the author or another famous person reading you that book. How cool is that!!
  • Lots of us are enjoying baking at the moment and have made lots of tasty treats. It's only right then that the traditional story to read this week is The Gingerbread Man. In this week's documents section you will find the story and some questions to go with it. Don't forget to add expression when you are reading out loud to your grown up and to use different voices for the characters. Mrs Morland and Mrs Pratt would love to see any videos of your fantastic reading as they are missing listening to you read each week.
  • Follow this link: for the recipe to make your own Gingerbread Man. When you have made them, can you make up your own gingerbread man story?
  • Follow this link: for some exciting experiments all about The Gingerbread Man!
  • Keep working hard on TT Rockstars and Numbots. Mrs McGrath will have lots of badges to give out soon!
  • Complete the worksheets all about comparing length and weight. Remember to watch the video for each one before you start so you know what to do.
  • There is also an extra maths challenge this week all about place value. In this week's documents section is the booklet so complete a couple of pages from it during the week. Lots of it are things we have already done but some of it is new. If you find a page too hard, don't worry just try another one. 
  • As we can exercise in different places now and we can go out more, we have a challenge for you and it is: Tell us 5 things you can see. 4 things you can touch(safely of course). 3 things you can hear. 2 things you can smell. 1 thing you can taste(be careful).
  • You could find these inside your house, in your garden or somewhere else you go.
  • Draw pictures of what you have found with a sentence for each one describing what it is and what it looked like, felt like, sounded like, smelt like or tasted like. 
Our congratulations on Friday 15th May go to....
  • Markas who has acheived Tin
  • Laura who has achieved Chrome
  • Emmanuel who has achieved Aluminium
  • Elizabeth who has achieved Silver 
Week Seven Learning at Home

Week seven already! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! This is what we have learnt this week....

Week Seven Learning at Home 10.05.20

Here are the maths worksheets for addition and subtraction and a sheet with the video links on for each one. Also here is the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and some questions to go with it. There are also activity suggestions to go with each of the Body Songs. Enjoy!

Week Seven Learning at Home 11.05.20
We may be apart right now but our enjoyment of learning has never changed. There is so much we can discover at home. Here are this week's challenges....
  • Keep practicing every day using the free daily phonics sessions and by playing some games on Don't forget to use your phoneme fingers to help you blend.
  • Read the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Can you use expression and different voices for the characters when you are reading out loud to your grown up?
  • Then choose either the troll or the billy goats and draw them in as much detail as you can. Use your picture to describe what they are like. Use adjectives to help you describe their appearance and don't forget to say what their personality is like and why. Don't forget capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when you write your sentences.
  • Keep working on Numbots and TT Rockstars, which level can you achieve this week?
  • Complete the worksheets all about adding and subtracting. Remember there is a separate video to go with each worksheet, watch each one carefully before you start so you know what to do.
  • We have learnt lots about the parts of our body so far so this week's science challenge is a bit different!
  • We all know the song 'Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes'! Choose another song to learn to help you remember the body parts. Follow this link: Which song are you going to choose: Clap Hands! Stamp Feet!, Keeper of my Heart or What a Flexible Body! ? Mrs Morland would love to see a video of your song, don't forget to use actions as well.
  • Play some games with your family. Follow this link for some ideas: 
  • We know that there are 5 senses but can you test your super senses? Follow this link to find out more:
This week on Friday 8th May, our congratulations go to....
  • Maya who has achieved Copper
  • Eliza and Oliver who have achieved Steel
  • Estelle who is now on Bronze
Well done everyone, we are so proud of you!
VE Day 2020!

75 years ago today the war ended all across Europe. This is how we celebrated this special day....

This Week's Singing Superstars are....

Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is one of Year One's favourite stories. After reading the story, Adam found the song at the back of the book. Listen carefully to his singing to find out more about the bones in the skeleton. Learning the song 'Together' was not only one of our challenges this week but it reminds us why lockdown is important. Listen to Estelle's beautiful singing to find out why.

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What have you learnt in Week Six at home?
VE Day

Here is everything you need to create your own celebrations. Don't forget to sing as well!

How are you going to celebrate this special day?
  • Read the PowerPoint with your grown ups so you can become an expert and find out all about why remembering VE Day is so important.
  • Make your own bunting. You could have just our flag the Union Jack or you could have each piece as a different country in Europe.
  • Learn the song 'We'll Meet Again' and join in the national singalong on Friday at 9pm. Follow this link to find the words: The lady you can hear singing is Dame Vera Lynn, who first sang this song 75 years ago!

Week Six Home Learning 01.05.20
Another week, what will we discover this week....
  • Keep practicing your phonics so you don't forget any sounds. Go on the free sessions every day by following the link in the letter to your grown ups. Practise different sounds and your tricky words by playing games on Complete a couple of pages from the new phonics booklet.
  • Read the story of Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg to a grown up(the story is in the documents section). Can you add different voices and expression when you are reading? Is there anything you notice about the story?
  • Draw a story map to show Mrs Morland what happened in the story. Don't forget to write the important words or even a sentence to with each picture.
  • There are lots of other Funnybones stories, ask a grown up to help you look for them on YouTube. Now write a book review, which one do you think Mrs Morland should read to her niece and nephew, why?
  • Follow the instructions to make your own moving skeleton. Can you find out what any of the bones are called?
  • Complete the maths worksheets for this week all about number bonds and fact families. Watch the video clips first so that you know what to do: For an extra challenge write the subtraction facts to go with each addition, remember a fact family has two additions and two subtractions. 
  • There are 5 senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Go on a senses tour around your garden or inside your house and use your senses to describe what it is like. You could draw a map of the place you are describing with a detailed picture of each object and then a sentence to describe. Or you could make a video to describe your place. 
Our congratulations this Friday 1st May go to....
  • Alicia who has achieved Carbon Fibre
  • Zachary who has achieved Copper
  • Estelle who has achieved Titanium
  • Emmanuel who has achieved Tungsten
  • Evans who has achieved Kevlar
  • Elizabeth who is now a Breakthrough Artist
Well done everyone, keep up the hard work!
Apart but always WONDERFUL!

Our love and care for each other has no beginning and no end. We are missing each other right now but we know that we will see each other very soon. We cannot wait but until then here are some messages from your friends in the Wonderful Ones....

Apart but learning together!

These are the exciting things we have learnt this week.....

Week Five Home Learning 27.04.20
We maybe apart but we are learning together. Here are the challenges for this week....
  • Follow the link in the letter to parents for free daily phonics sessions. This starts on Today at 10.30am, are you ready?
  • Use to practise the sounds you know. Choose a different sound each day from Phase 5(or Phase 3 if you are in Mrs Pratt's phonics group) and play some games to help you practise that sound.
  • Watch the animation called Once in a Lifetime following this link: Where do you think the turtles took the man? Draw a detailed picture of the place and use it to describe what it is like. Did the man like where he was taken, why?
  • Complete the Maths Challenges for this week all about find half and a quarter. Make sure you watch each video before you complete the worksheets so you know what to do. Here is the link to the videos:
  • Don't forget TT Rockstars and Numbots. Which stage can you achieve this week?
  • Make up a new game to play with someone at home. How did you feel when you played your new game? Were you hot and sweaty? Were you proud? Were you disappointed? Was someone confused?  Now explain to Mrs Morland how to play your new game. You could make a video, draw a poster or write instructions. 
  • Find an interesting way to label the different parts of your body. Can you find your head, neck, arms, elbows, legs, knees, face, ears, eyes, hair, mouth, teeth? Each part of your body has an important job to do, can you describe what you do with each body part?
This Friday 24th April our congratulations go to....
  • Leia who is now Steel
  • Nicole W who is now Chrome
  • Emmanuel who is now Glass
Well done!
Earth Day 2020

Today is Earth Day! We are thinking about Climate Action and how we can take better care of our world....

Earth Day 22.04.20

Here are some resources to help you celebrate Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day! This is a special day when we think about what we can do to look after our world and everyone around the world takes part. This year we are thinking about Climate Action. What can you do today to celebrate Earth Day? Here are some ideas.....
  • Read the PowerPoint with your grown up and talk about a promise you could make in your house. Write your promise inside the picture of the world and then decorate it.
  • Do you know what oil pollution is? Use things you already have in your house to do this experiment: 
  • Reuse something that you would usually throw away. For example reuse a clean empty tin can to plant a seed. 
  • The rainbow is a very important symbol at the moment. Can you reuse different coloured objects to make your own 3D rainbow? Follow this link for some ideas:
  • Show someone that you care about them by making them a heart out of recycled paper or melted bits of crayons. These links will tell you how:
Week Four at Home 20.04.20

Another week, another step on our home learning journey....

Our hard work on Numbots continues and our congratulations this Friday 17th April go to....
  • Laura who is now on Copper
  • Maciej who is on Steel
  • Emmanuel who is on Chrome
  • Oscar who is on Tungsten
  • Estelle who is on Carbon Fibre
Well done everyone, your certficates are on their way.

Week Four Home Learning 20.04.20
  • Continue to practise tricky words using the games on If you are in Mrs Pratt's phonics group, try phase 4 now and everyone else should be on phase 5.
  •  Choose 4 new words that you got wrong from your Big Spell that you did in week 3 to learn. Write each word out in different ways and don't learn them in order as that is cheating!
  • Have a look through the books you have at home, do you have any traditional tales? Traditional tales are stories like The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man. Read a different one each day and draw your favourite part of the story. Then email Mrs Morland your picture with sentences to describe  what happened and why it was your favourite. 
  • Watch the story of Farmer Dan and His Big Brother Stan by using this link: How would you fix the gate? Draw your design for the new gate and label it with the materials you would use and try to explain why you would use those.
  • Complete the Maths worksheets all about groups and sharing. Watch each video clip before you start each set so you know what to do:
  • Work on Numbots and TT Rockstars. Which level can you achieve this week?
  • Write a message to Mrs Morland describing how you celebrated Easter. Think about something special that you did, special people that you spoke to or a special meal that you had. Watch this video clip to help you: 
Another week, another step on our learning journey. Here are some challenges for you to try.

Our congratulations this Friday 10th April go to....
  • Estelle who is a Support Act and has achieved her Aluminium robot.
  • William who has his Chrome robot.
  • Aurelia who has her Tungsten robot.
  • Elizabeth who is now on Bronze on Numbots!!
What have you learnt at home this week?

Our Home Learning journey continues and we have found lots of great ways to challenge ourselves....

Happy Easter!

We have completed lots of challenges to help us celebrate Easter. Take a look at what we have been up to....

Palm Sunday 05.04.20

'We're gonna celebrate, celebrate, the goodness of our Lord. We're gonna lift our hands and wave our branches high! We're gonna shout and praise and sing His name for now and ever more. See his promises fulfilled, He has come to change our lives. Hosanna!' Today is Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week. How are you going to celebrate this special day? Here are just a few of our prayers that we have written on palms. Take a moment to pause, read and think about the important messages inside them....


Lots of us have achieved a new robot this week, Friday 3rd April....
  • Brass=Maya
  • Copper=Oliver, Eliza and Maciej
  • Steel=Emmanuel, Lily and William
  • Glass=Laura
  • Kevlar=Alicia
  • Titananium=Elizabeth

Congratulations Laura, you are now a Headliner!
Congratulations Etinosa, you are now a Support Act!

Well done everyone, your certificates are on their way!
Week Three Home Learning 06.04.20

Here is everything you need for some Easter fun! You will also find some extra maths challenges to help you practice your addition facts.

Week Three Home Learning 06.04.20
  • Continue to practise reading tricky words using the free games on
  • Challenge yourself to a Big Spell using the spelling list. Ask an adult to say each word on the list for you to write down and then mark them when you have finished the list. It is a long list so you might need to do it in bits. The words you have got wrong will be the ones you need to learn. Choose 4 of these to practise this week.
  • Complete the Easter addition fact booklet.
  • Learn about what happened to Jesus during this week using this video link: Stop the video after each part so that you can talk with an adult about what happened during each story. 
  • Look on the internet for different crosses like the one we have on our special tablein our classroom, what can you see on it.  Design your own cross that has little pictures on it that show the stories from Holy Week such as palm leaves, Jesus, a garden, tomb.
  • Make an Easter Garden to help you remember what happened on that first Easter. This video will give you some ideas:
  • Sending Easter cards is a great way to show someone that you love and care about them. Make an Easter card to show what happened at Easter and send it to someone. Make it bright and happy and it will make them smile. 
  • Easter is all about hope and new life. Design your own Easter egg using the template.
  • Play these games to test your knowledge about Easter: and
  • Go on an Easter egg hunt around your garden or outside space. Easter is a time to celebrate surprises. 
  • Write Mrs Morland an email to describe how you have celebrated Easter. Don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
As this week is Holy Week most of this week's challenges have an Easter theme....
She Sells Sea Shells

One of our challenges was to learn a tongue twister called She Sells Sea Shells which is all about Mary Anning. We know that it wasn't really seashells that she was selling but fossils she had discovered on the beach with her brother Joseph. Adam told us it was really hard to remember the rhyme so he decided that writing the words out and reading them lots of times would help him to learn them. Alicia was really proud of herself when she managed to remember all of it off by heart. Take a look at her video to find out more. Why do you think it is called a tongue twister?

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Palm Sunday
This Sunday is Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week. Watch and listen to the story of what happened on that first Palm Sunday: Talk about what you have heard with an adult: what is your favourite part of the story? Which part of the story is the most important?
Can you create your own palm leaf? Draw around your hand on green paper and cut it out. Then write a prayer on that leaf that we could say on Palm Sunday. Email your prayers so that we can share them with each other.
Finish learning the Hosanna song. We started learning this song with Year Two. Learn the rest of it using this link: to help you remember the very important words the crowd shouted when they saw Jesus. Email your videos so that we can share them on this Palm Sunday. 
Week Two at Home: Discovering Dinosaurs

This week some of us have been deciding which dinosaur we think is the coolest. What do you think?

Maths Home Learning Week 2

Here are the worksheets for the next part of measuring and then starting multiplication. The website listed on the Home Learning Week 2 box will take you to individual videos to go with each one.

Week Two Home Learning 27.03.20
Here are learning challenges for this week. They do not need to be completed in any particular order and make sure you spread them out across the week.
  • Continue to use the free website to practise tricky words in particular 'Tricky Word Trucks' and 'Tricky Word Pairs'.
  • The Oxford Owl website is free to join at the moment and has a wide range of free books to download onto your tablet that will fit in the colour band you are reading at.
  • Learn the rhyme 'She Sells Sea Shells' off by heart. This is a tongue twister about Mary Anning the fossil hunter but we know that they weren't sea shells at all but fossils. There are lots of videos on the internet to help you learn it and putting actions will help you to remember the words. Please email any videos of this tricky task.
  • Complete the measuring and multiplication worksheets. If you click on the website and click on the videos for each lesson they will show you the key teaching ideas. 
  • Creative Maths Challenge. We know that we need to keep 2 metres away from each other at the moment but can you find 10 things that are 2 metres away from you?2 metres is about 3 footsteps or the length of a broom.
  • What do you think is the coolest dinosaur? Use the website and click on the dinosaur facts section to learn more about different dinosaurs. Decide which you think is the coolest and draw it and describe it using nouns, adjectives, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Don't forget to explain why you think that dinosaur is the coolest using the magic word because. Now create that dinosaur's habitat, you can draw it, paint it or make it 3D!
  • Can you create your own dinosaur using just a cereal box and a pair of scissors? Follow this link: and watch the video to find out more. 
  • Keep emailing pictures and photographs of your work, whatever that might be, so that it can be added to our photo gallery.
Week One at Home

It has been a strange week not being at school but Year One have found lots of ways to learn at home.... Where will our learning journey take us next week?

Enjoy the Sunshine! 25.03.20

Good morning everyone, I hope that day 3 is going ok for you all. Today is a beautiful day and it is set to be fine for the rest of the week which is at least some good news! Take this opportunity, before the weather inevitably turns, to work outside. Fresh air is key to a healthy mind and body and Year One love to work outside whenever we can. Here are some ideas for creative ways to enjoy your time outside but don't forget to keep to the government guidelines regarding distance. I would love to see photos of what you have got up to and enjoy!

Welcome to week one home learning. Here are some activities and suggestions to complete this week. 
*Phonics. Use Phase 5 Tricky Word Trucks game to practise reading tricky words. These cover a wide range of ones they should already know and ones that will be new. Keep a list of ones they are struggling with so that you can keep practising those in particular. has a free subscription at the moment using the free access code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS. Access the Phase 5 Tricky Word Pairs game for another way to practise reading tricky words.
Those children in Mrs Pratt's phonics group should access the Phase 3 versions of these games.
*Writing. Challenge the children to write an email to me. These can be a few sentences describing the favourite thing they have done or something new they can do. Pictures and photographs would also be welcome!
*Reading. Share stories that you already have at home.
*Maths. We have been learning about measuring so this half term. The booklets attached will help develop this understanding. I have also including the answers! If you follow this link to videos that provide further teaching: .
Work for Year One during School Closure
I will provide work, activities and suggestions for the children on a week-to-week basis given the situation we are finding ourselves in. 
hope that this is useful for your child and that they can continue to enjoy learning at home.

For each week there will be a specific phonics task, Maths activities as well as general challneges for reading and writing. I will keep updating things from my end to keep the children learning best we can!

Thank You 

Mrs Morland 
Home Learning

Structure to your child's day will help things seem a bit more like school. This weekly timetable will help but remember to keep the weekend blank!

Keep On Moving!

Keeping fit and active are vital now more than ever. Use your garden if you can as much as possible, Year One love to be outside. If that is not possible, Just Dance videos are great and I have also found a link to everyone's favourite Joe Wicks who will be starting 30 minute fun PE sessions at 9am Monday to Friday. Here it is : If you can't get your child outside, try to spend as much of the time inside as creatively as possible. The 100 Things to do Inside guide will give you lots of ideas I'm sure. I wonder who can do all 100 before we go back to school?

Book Bingo!

Congratulations to Aurelia, Oliver, Leia, Adam, Lily, Eliza, Laura, you have completed all eight challenges on our bingo board! We hope you enjoy your prizes. Lots of us have completed many of them and only have a few left to go. Who will be a bingo winner next?

Unfortunately we are closing our doors after today to the vast majority of our children. This is a extremely tough and incredibly sad decision. I will keep you informed of activities and tasks you can do will your child and you all have my email address so please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Firstly here are some pieces of advice and tips that should help to act as a guide during this strange and difficult time....
  • It is important to keep their days as structured as possible as this is what they are used to. Start by making a timetable together with allocated times for specific activities. A couple of hours work in the morning(with breaks) and another in the afternoon is more than enough. The work can and should take many different forms and I will continue to provide activities which should help. 
  • Make sure everyone is up, dressed and ready to start their day as decide on the timetable. You would do this when they are at school and the aim is to keep as many things as normal as possible. 
  • Where you can, keep watching television to the evenings as you usually would and use this time at home to play games such as Snakes and Ladders and dominoes. 
  • It is also wise to expect them to help with jobs around the house as they are there more to make more mess! Year One are brilliant at keeping the classroom tidy and this is a clear expectation for everyone so extend this to learning at home.
  • Don't forget about keeping fit and exercising. If you have a garden, use it especially whilst the weather is fine or use Just Dance videos from YouTube.
I know that you will do all you can to help them learn at home and I am on hand to help in any way I can. Year One's page will be updated regularly with details for activities to support you, this will start from today.
Here are a few suggestions to get you started..... 
1. I have updated TT Rockstars and Numbots for your child. Please allow them time to do on this daily so that they can keep practising their arithmetic skills. It is really making a difference in the short space of time we have been using it but this will only continue if they keep practising. I will be checking their progress on this and will find a way to send their certificates. A few of you have said that your child's password is not working properly at home. If this is the case for you, check that you have put in our school's postcode (LS10 3SL) and that you have selected the correct school from the list. 
2. Continue to listen to your child read. They will come home with their school reading books but also take the chance to read anything with them such as books you have at home already, magazines, road signs and street names. Don't forget about our class book bingo, you could use this time to complete any more challenges and I can email a certificate to you for your child when it is all completed.
3. Phonics plays a HUGE part in Year One. A website that we use a lot is They are offering free subscriptions at the moment using the username:march20 and the password:home. They have a wide selection of games that the children can play on their tablets that will reinforce what they have already learnt. Those children in Mrs Pratt's phonics group-they know who they are, should access phase 3 and 4 games for the moment and everyone else should be working on phase 5. 
I hope this helps so far and I will add more suggestions and tasks so keep looking at Year One's page for more details. As it states in the letter you received yesterday, I will check my emails regularly throughout each day and I will help in any way that I can, do not hesitate to ask. I would also love to see what you are all getting up to so email details and any photos or pictures and I will always reply! 
Thank you for your support and understanding at this difficult time. Most importantly of all take care of yourselves and each other.
Roarsome Dinosaurs!

When we started our learning journey all about dinosaurs, we made a list of questions that we wanted to find the answers to. One of the questions was: how big are dinosaurs? We set to work finding out the answer. We used long, longer, short, shorter, tall and taller to compare dinosaurs. Next we used cubes and even our feet to measure dinosaur footprints. But we found a problem as some of us got different answers so we decided to measure in centimetres using rulers. We found some really tall and long dinosaurs!

Shrove Tuesday

This Shrove Tuesday, we decided to make our own pancakes! We followed the recipe so we knew what to do. It was hard work but they were delicious.

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