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Welcome to our Nursery at St Philip's!!
In our nursery children are provided with as many opportunities as possible to explore and be creative learners.  We have a free flow system where children can initiate their own learning, alongside some focus activities where children are supported to develop specific skills.  In all our provision areas children can investigate and enhance the Characteristics of Effective learning.

We also have daily carpet times together where we sing songs, celebrate our 'star of the day' and work on different skills together and build on our knowledge.  Children in nursery have access to provision both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some of the things our nursery children have to say about it:
Imogen - I like coming to nursery to draw and to see our nursery bear Spencer.
Tayla - I like coming to nursery to see our fish Goldie and Charlie.
Oliver - I like coming to nursery to play with my friends, play with lots of toys, see my teachers and play outside.

@stphilips:St Philip's is a Voluntary Aided Catholic Primary and Nursery School. Our children range from age 3 to 11 years. The most...