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This section of our website is dedicated to various visitors we have in school who are always welcome.  These themed days are valuable in enhancing the children's learning and awareness of culture.
Certificate Winners for 13.03.2020

Here are our certificate winners for this week, we are super proud of them all for all their achievements! Keep it up!

World Book Day 5.3.2020

In KS2 children entered the dark and spooky world of Room 13... Enter if you dare! Children explored the genre and gripping element of this tale. We listened to the first chapter and agreed it was very scary but we were DYING to know what happens next! We all agreed the front cover was not as eerie as the book itself and thought we could do much better! The children created their own spooky front covers based on what they had read so far and using the effects of silhouettes. They looked amazing and worthy of a best seller!

World Book Day 05.03.20

While sitting on a large bed with comfy pillows, KS2 children had the chance to listen to a French story called 'Va-t'en Grand Monstre Vert!' by Ed Emberley. They were very intrigued by the strange words they could hear, but did fantastic at finding out the meaning! They were then challenged to create their own monster using instructions in ... FRENCH! This wasn't an easy job as they had to 'fish out' the instructions from a revolting green liquid first... Nevertheless, children were 'FANTASTIQUE' at building their monsters using play-dough!

Certificate Winners for 06.03.2020

Here are our wonderful certificate winners for this week! We have had so much to celebrate including: Value and Virtues, Times Tables Rockstars, Numbots, Captains Table and Best Kept Reading Journals in KS2. We are extremely proud of all our children! This week we had 3 children earn their 'Pen License Award' and Tayla who also received 'A Head Teachers Award'.

World Book Day 5.3.20

Key Stage One and Reception visited each other's classes on World Book Day. We started in the hall, all cosy in our pyjamas, to get into our groups. In Year 2, Miss Doran read the story of Zog by Julia Donaldson. We thought about other books that we know by this author. Zog's friend visited us in class and listened too! We designed our own colourful, magical dragons; naming them and deciding on their special talents, just like Zog. We also thought about our own talents and decorated a special 'Golden Star' to wear proudly like the dragons do at their school. We finished by reviewing the story and writing about our favourite part.

World Book Day 05.03.20

Mrs Morland shared a story called I Wish I Had a Dinosaur by Alex Barrow with Reception and KS1 today. We had to use the lovely illustrations to finish the sentences and we really liked making sound effects. It is already one of our favourite stories because we think it is really funny(especially the part about dinosaur poo!). We decided that we all wanted a dinosaur too so we used clay, paint and crayons to make our own. Then we gave them a name and described what they are like. We think they are roarsome!

World Book Day 5.3.20

As part of World Book Day, we have been exploring the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. This is a beautifully illustrate picture book that had the children enthralled from the very beginning. The first group of the day had to illustrate what they thought the next part of the story would be, the second group had to carry on from where the first group left off. This continued throughout the day and we finished with completely original illustrated stories of our own.

World Book Day 05.03.2020

As part of World Book Day 2020 one of the texts focused on in KS2 was 'The Book with No Pictures' by B. J Novak. Children found the book very intriguing and definitely saw the funny side.....they were then challenged to create their own funny/silly rhyme or song that they then had to perform to the other children in their group. I have to say the children were fantastic and we may have some future 'Britain's Got Talent Artists'. It was such an enjoyable day and the children loved been given the freedom to create their own text/performance.

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