St. Philip's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

"Where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated" Headteacher: Mrs Elizabeth Taylor B.Ed (Hons) M.A. (Primary Education) NPQH

School  »  Mission Statement

The Mission of St Philip’s is based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. To this end the school aims to:

Guide all pupils of St Philip’s towards a realisation of their true human dignity, by fostering the unique gifts and talents of each child and promoting the highest standard of achievement.
  • Educate our children through a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum which develops, extends and nurtures them through a variety of activities thereby helping to prepare them for their further education and life in the wider community
  • Reflect and promote the teachings of Jesus Christ through RE, collective worship and role models offered by our school community.
  • Enable and encourage all members of the school community to grow in their spiritual relationship with God.
  • Value and affirm the individuality of each child and help them to grow in self-esteem and to recognise and acknowledge the value and uniqueness of all individuals, thereby leading to respect for other faiths and their followers.
  • Show concern for all members of the school community, staff, parents and pupils through the caring relationships encouraged, the pastoral care provided and the unique Catholic ethos of the school.
Promote high standards of learning and behaviour in a stimulating and safe environment.

School Ethos Statement

The school was founded by and is part of the Catholic Church. The school is to be conducted as a Catholic School in accordance with the canon law and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Diocese of Leeds and in particular:

religious education is to be in accordance with the teachings, doctrines,
discipline and general and particular norms of the Catholic Church;
religious worship is to be in accordance with the rites, practices,
discipline and liturgical norms of the Catholic Church;

and at all times the school is to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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