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On this page you will find the following information:
  • The School Day with Useful Numbers
  • Friends of St Philip's Meetings
  • Internet Safety
  • SEN Offer and Provision
  • Breakfast/After School Club Information
  • Charity Information
  • Coronavirus Information
Return to School September 2020

Please read very carefully and make note of the changes that will be in place for September.

Some activities you can do with your children while they are not in school.

Please see below an easy way to explain to young children what is happening in the world at the moment with Covid 19
The Stay Home Superheroes

Once upon a time there was a big, busy world. In this big, busy world there lived a little boy called William. William loved going to school to play with his friends, going to the park to play on the swings and swimming at his favourite pool. But one day, everything started to change. William heard on the news that there was a Big Problem. This problem was so big that it started to spread over the whole world. All the grownups were talking about it. All the children were talking about it. In fact, every single person in the whole world was talking about it. Everyone started to feel worried and scared about the Big Problem. Soon, the Big Problem caused some big changes. At first people stopped going to work, then he wasn’t allowed to go swimming anymore, then he found out that school was cancelled and day by day the big, busy world he lived in got quieter and quieter and quieter. William was confused. He felt scared too. He had so many questions. What was going on? Would it be OK? How could they stop the Big Problem? He went to ask his special person all of his big questions. “It’s OK to be scared and worried, lots of other children feel that way, even adults feel scared too sometimes” they told him, giving him a BIG hug. “But all of the very best, cleverest people in the whole world are working hard to fix the Big Problem right now” they explained. This made him feel a little bit better. Surely the cleverest people in the world could find a way to fix it! But it was such a Big Problem, and he was still scared. He had to do something. His special person explained that there were lots and lots of special helpers working hard to save the world and stop the problem. “Like superheroes?” said William. “Just like superheroes.” They said, smiling. William wanted to be a superhero too. This was his chance! Super William to the rescue! He jumped up, ready to run outside and join all the other superheroes to fight off the Big Problem and save the world, but his special person stopped him and locked the door. “HEY! How can I help fight the Big Problem if I’m stuck inside?” he asked. “Well, we DO need you to help. Everyone is going to have to help to solve this Big Problem. And YOU are going to have a very special job indeed. You are going to become a Stay Home Superhero!” William had never heard of THAT kind of superhero before. He wanted to know all about them. He found out that Stay Home Superheroes could help fight off the Big Problem by using their Stay Home Superpowers. But what were they? He tried so hard, but he didn’t have super strength or super speed either. In fact, he felt exactly the same as before. “The Big Problem can’t be solved with super strength, or super speed. The Big Problem will only stop growing if all the new Superheroes use their Stay Home Superpower to stay at home. In fact, if all the new Stay Home Superheroes work together the Big Problem will get smaller, and smaller and smaller every single day, until it goes away!” his special person explained. “But staying home is a boring superpower!” said William in a grump. “Boring? No way! You have the superpower to make this fun! And staying home is how YOU can help to save the whole world- there’s nothing more powerful than that!” Just staying home and having fun could save the whole world? And he would be a real-life superhero? William started to feel excited. He started to feel powerful tool! He couldn’t wait to tell all his friends that they could turn into Stay Home Superheroes just like him! William got to work quickly, using his Superhero creativity to think of all the fun things he could do at home. He made a long list: pillow forts and cooking and games and dancing and puppet shows and singing and movies and MORE! Even better, William found out he could still play in the garden and go outside too, as long as he stayed away from all the superheroes who lived in different houses. They could wave to each other and wink, because they all knew the special job they were doing! William did miss playing with his friends and going swimming and to the park. But then he remembered how important his new Superhero job was. He was helping to save the whole world and that made him feel so good inside. He was very proud of himself. Then he fired up his superpowers ready to find something fun to do. William the Stay Home Superhero and all his superhero friends worked hard together to help save the world, all without leaving their homes. And now you know, you can be a superhero too!
Domestic Violence

It has been reported in the media and we have been informed by our safeguarding team that reported cases of Domestic Violence have increased through this period of isolation and staying at home.  If you are affected or know anyone who needs advice or help please see the link below
Child Protection and Safeguarding 

There is a link to the DFE website for parent information on safeguarding child protection and domestic abuse.  Go to:

Advice to parents of some of the useful websites avaialble if you have any child protection or safeguarding concerns. Taken form the keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance to Schools

Additional advice and support


Abuse or Safeguarding issue

Link to Guidance/Advice



What to do if you're worried a child is being abused

DfE advice

Domestic abuse: Various Information/Guidance

Home Office

Faith based abuse: National Action Plan

DfE advice

Relationship abuse: disrespect nobody

Home Office website


Preventing bullying including cyberbullying

DfE advice

Children and the courts

Advice for 5-11-year olds witnesses in criminal courts

MoJ advice

Advice for 12-17 year old witnesses in criminal courts

MoJ advice

Children missing from education, home or care

Children missing education

DfE statutory guidance

Child missing from home or care

DfE statutory guidance

Children and adults missing strategy

Home Office strategy

Children with family members in prison

National Information Centre on Children of Offenders

Barnardo’s in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) advice

Child Exploitation

County Lines: criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults

Home Office guidance

Child sexual exploitation: guide for practitioners


Trafficking: safeguarding children

DfE and HO guidance


Drugs: advice for schools

DfE and ACPO advice

Drug strategy 2017

Home Office strategy

Information and advice on drugs

Talk to Frank website


Abuse or Safeguarding issue

Link to Guidance/Advice



ADEPIS platform sharing information and resources for schools: covering drug (& alcohol) prevention

Website developed by Mentor UK

“Honour Based Violence”


(so called)

Female genital mutilation: information and resources

Home Office

Female genital mutilation: multi agency statutory guidance

DfE, DH, and HO statutory guidance

Forced marriage: information and practice guidelines

Foreign Commonwealth Office and Home Office

Health and Well- being

Fabricated or induced illness: safeguarding children

DfE, Department for Health and Home Office

Rise Above: Free PSHE resources on health, wellbeing and resilience

Public Health England resources

Medical-conditions: supporting pupils at school

DfE statutory guidance

Mental health and behaviour

DfE advice


Homelessness: How local authorities should exercise their functions



Sexting: responding to incidents and safeguarding children

UK Council for Child Internet Safety

Private fostering

Private fostering: local authorities

DfE - statutory guidance


Prevent duty guidance

Home Office guidance

Prevent duty advice for schools

DfE advice

Educate Against Hate Website

DfE and Home Office


Gangs and youth violence: for schools and colleges

Home Office advice

Ending violence against women and girls 2016-2020 strategy

Home Office strategy

Violence against women and girls: national statement of expectations for victims

Home Office guidance

Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges

DfE advice

Serious violence strategy

Home Office Strategy


Information and support

There is a wealth of information available to support schools, colleges and parents to keep children safe online. The following list is not exhaustive but should provide a useful starting point:



What it does/provides


NCA CEOPs advice on online safety


Home Office advice on healthy relationships, including sexting and


UK safer internet centre

Contains a specialist helpline for UK schools and colleges


Includes a template for setting out online safety policies

internet matters

Help for parents on how to keep their children safe online


Help for parents on how to keep their children safe online

childnet cyberbullying

Guidance for schools on cyberbullying

pshe association

Guidance and useful teaching resources covering online safety issues including pornography and the sharing of sexual images


Practical advice for parents, teachers and governors on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

the use of social media for online radicalisation

A briefing note for schools on how social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq


The UK Council for Child Internet Safety’s website provides:


  • Sexting advice
  • Online safety: Questions for Governing Bodies
  • Education for a connected world framework


NSPCC advice for schools and colleges


NSPCC advice for parents


Independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media for children and their parents

searching screening and confiscation

Guidance to schools on searching children in schools and confiscating items such as mobile phones


Advice and resources from the London Grid for Learning

St Philip’s Catholic Primary and Nursery School

Information and Expectations


  • Please note the school doors open to allow children entry at 8.45am and are closed at 8.50am. If your child arrives to school after this time they are classed as late and will receive a late mark on the register. Any child arriving late has to come through the office and we ask parents to sign a register explaining why they are late.


  • There is a playtime break at 10.30am to 10.45am.


  • Lunch is 11.55am to 12.55pm, all children sit with their class in the hall for lunch.

  • End of the school day at 3.15pm.

Please note that if your child is late being collected from school and we do not know the reason, we will place them in the after school club and this will incur a £5.00 charge.

  • We operate a breakfast club from 7.45am in the morning; children are given toast and are provided with a glass of milk or water. This costs £2.50 per day, per child and can be any day of the week or all week, it’s entirely up to you and they must be booked in using the school money system. Children not booked in using the online system will incur a £5.00 charge


  • We also operate an after school club, this finishes at 4.15pm, once again the children are offered a drink and toast. This is a cost of £2.50 per day per child. Children not booked in using the online system will incur a £5.00 charge

Note: By Free School Meals we mean those children whose parents receive benefits from the government not those in receipt of the Universal Free School Meals.

We are a healthy school and ask that if you choose packed lunches for your child that you do not put sweets or chocolates in their lunch box and also no glass bottles or fizzy drinks, these are monitored by the lunch time staff.

If your child is absent from school through sickness, can we please ask that you contact school each day of absence with a reason. Please make a note of the school telephone number which is 0113 271 6763. We will also send regular texts out to you and ask you check the website for any further information you may need.

Your child will take part in PE lessons twice a week and your class teacher will let you know when they start school in September what days these are going to be.

Milk is provided to all children at a cost of £8.00 per term, please let us know if your child does not drink it so we can order accordingly.




Uniform Requirements

Our school uniform for boys consists of:

  • Maroon crew neck or v-neck sweatshirt, preferably with the

    school logo.

  • Grey trousers or grey shorts in summer.

  • Preferably white long or short sleeved shirt.

  • Blue or white polo shirt with or without the school logo.

  • Black indoor pumps.

  • PE kit – white t-shirt and blue or black shorts.

  • Book bag – available from the school office for £5.00

  • Pump bag – available from the school office for £5.00.

  • Long tie – available from the school office for £4.00.

  • Short tie on elastic – available from the school office for £3.50.


Our school uniform for girls consists of:

  • Maroon cardigan or sweat cardigan, preferably with the school


  • Grey trousers, grey skirt or red gingham dress in summer.

  • Preferably white long or short sleeved shirt.

  • Blue or white polo shirt with or without the school logo.

  • Black indoor pumps.

  • PE kit – white t-shirt and blue or black shorts.

  • Book bag – available from the school office for £5.00.

  • Pump bag – available from the school office for £5.00.

  • Long tie – available from the school office for £3.50.

  • Short tie on elastic – available from the school office for £3.50.



    Please note that the satchel book bags that can be purchased from other outlets do not fit into our book bag trays therefore can we ask that you only purchase the bags that are available in school.

Please also note that no jewellery is allowed, except for small stud earrings or sleepers. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, neither is make-up, including nail polish. Girls may wear tights or leggings in winter months but these should only be all white, all black or all navy.

By accepting a place at St Philip’s you are agreeing to abide by our uniform regulations and into the payment of the Voluntary Contribution Scheme.

The School Day

Reception 8.50 – 12.00 13.05 – 15.15
Year 3 – Year 6 8.50 – 12.05 13.05 – 15.15
Morning Break 10.30 – 10.45 FS & KS1 10.45 – 11.00 KS2
Nursery Hours 8.45 – 15.30 Monday to Friday



Useful Numbers

Admissions Team

Pupil admissions and transfers

0113 2224414

Benefits Helpline

Free school meals, clothing grants

0113 2224404

Governor Support

Support to school governors

0113 247 5560


Hiring school premises

0113 247 5598

Customer Relations

Customer services issues/complaints

0113 247 5688

Helpline for Parents

Bullying, SEN and attendance issues

0113 395 1100

Parent Partnership Services

Parental concerns/support

0113 395 1200

Student Support

Grants, awards

0113 247 5326

Leeds Careers Guidance

General enquiries

0800 106699

Children Services

General enquiries

0113 247 5590

Leeds City Council

General switchboard

0113 234 8080

School Transport

Bus passes, 
Special needs transport

0113 3481122

PTA    Friends of St Philip's

St Philip's operates a parent group which is open to all parents, carers or relatives who may wish to take part.  The group normally meets half termly to discuss ways of assisting the children and school with events, support charities, help raise funds for projects, manage school disco's etc. 

Please come along and join us.
Internet Safety

Please find attached information for Parents to look at regarding Internet and Website Safety.

Breakfast Club opens at 7.45 until 8.45 daily.  £2.50 per child.
After School Club  from 3.15 to 4.15 daily.  £2.50 per child.
Children in receipt of Free School Meals do not incur a charge for these services.

We are a cashless school so all these services have to be paid for online, alternatively we could provide a PayPoint slip to take to any outlet to pay for the service.

There is no need to book a place on either of these sessions, just bring your child/ren along.


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