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On this page you can find some of the exciting things we did during the 2020/2021 academic year.  Even though it was a difficult year for everyone, we still managed to make sure our year was packed with new and fun activities for all the children!
Year 1

Hosanna! As part of our RE work all around Easter, we decided to learn a song all about Palm Sunday! Learning the song helped us to remember what happened that day. We then came together with Year Two over Zoom to sing together.....

What do you know about that first Christmas? We have worked so so so so hard to perform our own Christmas play all about Mary. We learnt lines to say, songs to sing and scenes to help us retell the story. We think we did an AMAZING job and we are all very proud of ourselves. Watch and listen carefully to our performance to find out more. We hope you enjoy it and it brings you some Christmas cheer too! Merry Christmas from the Wonderful Ones xxx

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Year 6

Look away if you're squeemish! Year 6 dived head first into their dissection workshop this year. They learned all about the heart including its different park and how they all work together to keep blood flowing around our bodies.

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