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Attendance Data

The Local Authority has set an attendance target of 96% as has the cluster of schools for the South Leeds area. We are traditionally a high attending school and have set our annual target for this year at 98% despite the difficultes of the global pandemic.

We focus highly on good attendance and have regular incentives to keep children focused on being in school. Punctuality is also a high priority and our aim is to lower the amount of late arrivals to school on a daily basis.


2019/20 Present Authorised

Off site
Overall %
59863 1759 452 391 61591 96.4%
End of Key Stage Performance Data

Below you will find the documents reporting the end of key stage data for Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2).

Follow the following link to the government's School Performance Tables where you can compare St. Philip's against other schools in England.  Government School Performance Comparison

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