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Points and Patches!

As part of our gymnastics work this term, we have been learning about points and patches. We know now that points are the small parts of our bodies and patches are the large parts. We tried hard to hold balances on these points and patches for 5 seconds without wobbling which wasn't as easy as it sounds! We then found different ways of travelling and rolling before finally using what we have learnt to explore apparatus. Can you see our pointy toes too?

Wear it Green Day 14.05.21

Today was Wear it Green Day and we wore green to help raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. The theme is nature so we decided to make our own paintbrushes but not normal paintbrushes oh no we used sticks, leaves and buds to make them! It was a tricky challenge but we persevered and helped each other. Finally we experimented with painting with them! We decided that being slow, careful and taking our time worked best. It was a messy afternoon but lots of fun!

Earth Day 22.04.21

We know how important it is to look after our world, it is everyone's responsibility! Today we went litter picking in Middleton Park. "If we leave lots of rubbish, it will be smelly and no one will want to go there", Amelia explained. "Animals like squirrels and birds might eat some bits of rubbish and get poorly", Maya told us. "Their claws might get stuck in plastic bottles and they can't get out", Noah thought. We can't be having that! We found some rubbish but not lots and lots so we decided that some people are putting their rubbish in the bin or taking it home with them. Read some of our recounts below to find out more about what we found.

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